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budget: above $100 Closed.

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Closed. Thank you for all the offers.
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I can not send you PM.

It is saying
"Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator."

If you PM me I can give you my domain names. Some of them are currently at bido auction.


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I'm looking for high quality (exact match) one word .net domains. I'm willing to pay up to $750 for the right domain. Willing to do also smaller deals.
Update: I'm also willing to look at very, very high quality 2 word combos. But with that I'm most likely only interested if the combo has something like 50,000+ EMS and decent CPC.

Some notes:
-PM me with the price and the domain. When pricing the domain please keep in mind, that despite of looking for .net domains, I obviously consider .com domains to be much more valuable (I think keyword .nets are at the moment about 2-5% of .coms).
-Godaddy domains very much preferred.
-Only real words that get good monthly search traffic.
-The word / two word phrase has to be something which can be used to build a business around it.
-If I don't reply I'm not interested, I apologize if this seems rude, it is not my intention.
-I can pay with PayPal, Skrill and First and second one are preferred.

PM sent


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