.ca .CA To Be Released / TBR Weekly Pick List for July 24

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The .CA To Be Released / TBR Weekly Picks for July 24 are online:

The .CA numbers were down again this week, and overall quality levels also took a beating, making it extremely difficult to find any premiums outside of a pair of 3-letter domains. For the third week in a row, our Top Picks list is mainly comprised of LLL domains, and this edition includes...

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The TBR Results & Steaming Leftovers for July 24 are now online:

This week’s .CA TBR list barely managed to hit 8K domains, and other than a bit of LLL cream at the very top, there was absolutely no depth to warrant a larger number of selections. Of our 4 Top Picks, we managed to place 3 in the Top 9, and all were gone by lucky pick number 13. Some of the notable Top 10 selections included...

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