analysis Newly Registered Domain Trends for March 2022

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We analyzed more than 5.2 million newly registered domains (NRDs) added between 1 and 31 March 2022 using WhoisXML API’s daily NRD Data Feeds. The goal was to gain some insights into domain registration trends that can potentially help domain name investors make crucial business decisions. Our findings revealed:
  • Eight of February 2022’s top 10 top-level domain (TLD) extensions remained in March, with .com still leading
  • Two new TLD extensions, .cfd and .shop, made it to the top 10, replacing .site and .cyou from February 2022
  • The commonly used text strings were related to general tech, finance, and country codes
We discussed these in detail below.

Top TLDs Used by March 2022 NRDs​

The .com TLD remained the most used in March, accounting for 60% of the total domain registration volume. Most of the top 10 TLDs remained the same, except for two new players—.shop and .cfd. Although they only accounted for 1% of the total each, their share still comprised more than 60,000 NRDs.

The TLDs .cyou and .site were no longer on the top 10 but we still found a significant number of TLDs using .xyz, .icu, .net, .org,. top, .online, .info. The rest of the NRDs (14%) were distributed across 723 other TLDs as shown by the pie chart below.


Weekly Domain Registration​

Based on our sample, more than 150,000 domains were registered on average every day in March across different TLDs. The chart below shows the daily registration trend, which peaked on the week ending 26 March 2022.


Commonly Used Terms​

While we still saw a significant number of domains related to the Russia-Ukraine war, most of the NRDs were about generic Internet terms. Below are some prevalent categories.
  • Generic tech terms like “solutions,” “tech,” “update,” and “app”
  • Finance-related text strings, such as “insurance,” “invoice,” “crypto,” and “bankruptcy”
  • Two-letter country codes like “cn,” “cc,” “hk,” “ua,” and “vg”

NRD Database Packages​

WhoisXML API’s Newly Registered & Just Expired Domains Database 2.0 is accessible through five subscription plans. We detailed the differences between these below.


  • Lite: This NRD 2.0 package provides a daily update of NRDs, along with a statistics file containing the number of records added for each TLD for that day. Insights gleaned from the Lite package can help analyze domain registration trends within a particular period of time, similar to the March 2022 analysis we did above. You can download data samples here: CSV or JSON.
  • Basic: The NRD 2.0 Basic package is ideal for analyzing the movement of domains across different TLDs and within a specific period since it gives users daily access to newly registered and just expired domains. You can download data samples here: CSV or JSON.
  • Professional: If you want to get more information about NRDs, the NRD 2.0 Professional package can help. The data provided includes everything in the Basic plan, along with the domains’ WHOIS information. Subscribers can attribute domains to their registrars, registrants, and administrators. You can download data samples here: CSV or JSON.
  • Enterprise: Everything in the NRD 2.0 Professional package is also accessible with the Enterprise package. However, subscribers will also have access to recently updated domains, allowing them to see those whose WHOIS records were updated in the past 24 hours. You can download data samples here: CSV or JSON.
  • Ultimate: In addition to all the data provided in the Enterprise pricing plan, Ultimate package users can also access newly discovered domains. You can download data samples here: CSV or JSON.
Please feel free to visit our pricing page if you’re interested in obtaining domain investing insights from our NRD Database.
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