Buy now or make offer or mixed?

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  1. topdom

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    Which ones work best?

    I sold many names at Sedo with make offer option, and none with a BuyNow price.
    Also SedoMls seems to make things worse: fewer visits.

    I think Sedo's landing pages are confusing. This is why people don't make any offers even if they visit the domain to check if it is for sale. And buy now price might look expensive at first if it exists.

    Undeveloped.com looks better, but how many sales do they have: they don't respond. Maybe none.

    I think middle class disappeared in the world, so there are very rich people, and poor and near poor people.
    Many years ago someone said, if a buyer doesn't pay 20K, he doesn't pay 20 either. It was not true for me, but I think it is more true now than before.

    So what is the best strategy when listing:
    1. A high buy now price (if the buye is rich, price is not a problem, if buyer is poor, their offer would be unacceptable, and not cover the costs).

    2. Low buy now prices, so you can sell fast before renewal, and get small but sure profit.

    3. Make offer. While negotiating guess whether the buyer is rich or poor.

    I think consistency is important. If the buyer says how much, and you say 1K, and after he says it is too much for me and you drop the price to 100, buyer loses interest.

    But in any case the main problem seems to be whether someone will place a bid, or not.
    For 3 letter .com's there are always buyers, but they are not endusers, they are resellers.
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  2. alcy

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    if u set right prices, bin is best..but thats no small if

    also, if u got many names, losing track of bins can cost ya memberships
  3. creataweb

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    I'm testing this now using Epik MP. I have the names listed with a BIN and option for monthly payments (12 months or 60 months, some with interest others none) and also the Make Offer option.

    I think this will generate more interest in a purchase because now the potential buyer has multiple options and if they want the name they'll find a way whether it's BIN or sending me an offer to consider, or just starting a monthly payment plan.
  4. w3names

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    I have sold many names over the years via Sedo and GoDaddy using Offer/Counter-offer and only one domain using BIN on GoDaddy *after* an unsuccessful negotiation, which helped me set the BIN price with confidence.

    As @alcy said, BIN presents you with the problem of deciding on a price, which isn't easy to get right. Also, if you set BIN in multiple venues and the domain sells simultaneously on two places or you forget to delete a domain that sold somewhere else, you risk losing your seller account.

    A serious buyer will not care whether there's a fixed price or not, so for me BIN is not worth the hassle and the nagging doubt regarding leaving money on the table.
  5. topdom

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    I just made my first BIN sale, if we exclude sales made on forums. Probably it was a great deal for the buyer.

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