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  1. LucidDomains

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    Which way is better: "Make Offer" page or "Inquire/Request A Price" page?

    You're probably thinking this depends the domain's quality and on your goals, but lets say for average domains and goals are to get as many leads as possible.

    We assume the most people know how to use "Make Offer" functionality and are happy to leave an offer if they are interested. I don't think this is true, in fact I think this is actually a barrier for most people and some might even be confused by it. Chances are they will be scared to leave any offer at all and move on to their next idea.

    Certain questions might be running though a buyer's mind upon seeing your 'Make Offer' page.

    What offer do I make? Will my offer be rejected? Will the seller even respond to it? What if my offer is high and the counter offer is even higher - I don't want to overpay. How long will the process take? Where will my domain be registered? Can this site be trusted? I don't want to make an offer, I just want more info, how do I do that?

    Where as with an "Inquire/Request A Price", there are only two outcomes:

    1. Fill in your details and get more info.
    2. Exit.

    Very easy, no dramas, or obligations for the buyer at this stage.

    There are probably those among you who know this and have actively chosen this path for some or all of your domains. If you have your own landers and you're happy to do the legwork, perhaps you don't mind filtering them yourself. Or perhaps you prefer a broker works for their money.

    So anyone has put some thought into this comparison, perhaps even done some tests and achieve notable results or if anyone has any thoughts on this subject, please let me know. Cheers.

    P.S. If I have missed an existing thread on this topic, please let me know.
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  2. NetworkPearl

    NetworkPearl Top Contributor VIP

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    I think make offer would be better.
  3. baseballworld

    baseballworld Restricted (Market)

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    The domain XXXXXXX.COM may be for sale. Click here to inquire about this domain.
    Even at that small of a print on the top of my parked pages still gets me inquires.
  4. indiegrind

    indiegrind Established Member

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    I like make an offer. Starting offer tells me alot about the buyer and the likelihood of ending successfully. If someone starts with a 10 to 50 dollar offer, usually they are a waste of time. I get tired of argumentative low ballers who tell me how much they can get a name for at godaddy.

    When I do outreach, I'm motivated to make a sale. I give a price quote. Otherwise, if you come to me, I expect you to make an offer that will motivate me to sell.
  5. SheikhOvais

    SheikhOvais Established Member

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    I use "Make Offers" on my landers with my minimum acceptable price I have for that specific domain. It cuts off time wasters.

    Secondly, my minimum acceptable offer also gives the potential buyer an idea about how much the domain could cost them. Of course, the minimum offer is just to get the communication started though.
  6. Wallnut Host

    Wallnut Host Established Member

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    For me making an offer page is better than Inquire/Request A Price page. As what I have observed most companies are using make an offer page.
  7. RU

    RU I'm out of domaining. ~Russel VIP

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  8. toughdomains

    toughdomains Top Contributor VIP

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    my vote is make an offer with option to buy now and have a min price
  9. stub

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    I have 2 pages which are almost identical. Buy Now & Make Offer. The only difference is the Buy Now has a fixed price which cannot be edited, whereas the Make Offer price can be edited.
  10. 4better

    4better Top Contributor VIP

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    Make offer does well for me.
  11. alcy

    alcy Top Contributor VIP

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    i thought this before.. but any way I look at it I always return to same conclusion which is that if buyer wants the domain bad enough.. or put differently, has enough interest in it to actually make this work for you in the end and get paid, then he will not really be turned off by making an offer.

    that being said, this could also translate alternatively into.. if you do set makeoffer, then you have more chance of getting someone who has more potetnial of completing sale.

    but.. I agree with Lucid.. strictly for lead collection.. as many as possible.. might as well skip makeoffer and keep things as simple and quick/easy for buyer as possible.

    what I do have some concern about is all those signup landers.. be it sedo page, godaddy (particularly not user friendly), afternic.. while same as I said above may apply to them too.. that if buyer serious enough ten he won't mind opening account etc.. it could also work as disavntage to simple lead collecting.

  12. alcy

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    true. parking crew is what I used when I go park pages.
    they have best banners
    however what kills me there is that they do not give a dang after my suggetions and many others too probably to put the sale banner on top for mobile users.. instead its barely visible line of text at bottom of ads for cellphones etc..

    great for desktop viewers though

    I use the line:

    THIS DOMAIN IS FOR SALE! Click here to buy
  13. toughdomains

    toughdomains Top Contributor VIP

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    so who has the best this name is for sale page?
  14. WeSell-Domains

    WeSell-Domains Top Contributor VIP

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    I use both Make Offer plus it shows my min offer so as not to waste my time but I also include a BIN on most of my pages. So the buyer sees the max they might expect but still have hope for the lesser Make Offer.

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