BrandBucket's Michael Krell Resigns

Labeled as services in Domain Industry News started by Silentptnr, Jan 27, 2018.


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    Keyword stuffing, lol. Like the good old early Days SEO tricks. Now go look at whois and see if the “chosen few” are the owners of those obtuse names. I spent several days on this months ago, concluded the rigged system. See what you find. To me there were repeated examples of the most vocal posters here on Namepros and BB defenders names all at the top. Club Membership has it’s privledges.
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    I never bought the brand bucket magic potion, I believe it used to be 30% back in the day, plus logo fee, but no listing fee. I probably would have done well in the early years, but I refuse to pay 1/3 commission, that is simply nuts. I don't know to many industries where people are paying 20-30% commissions, domainers continually get hosed. I know some people have done well on brand bucket, but if they had their domain on a proper landing page, with BIN, maybe it would have sold also, who knows.

    Issue is brandbucket has so many domains, it can be super confusing to just choose 1 thru the masses, I don't know if people sometimes do themselves a disservice by leading there, as a sale may stray.
  3. brandpluck

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    Just noticed his personal domain site,, is offline too. So curious as to what happened.

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