Brandable Domain Bubble Coming?

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  1. dave321

    dave321 Established Member

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    Will supply eventually exceed demand to the point of break even conversions for sellers... or can the growth of new businesses keep up the pace?

    So far, conversions have seemed to consistently go down for Brand Bucket sellers over the last few years with SH picking up the slack.

    A few things to consider...

    According to npr (dot org) were currently in a "boom of startups" despite the pandemic (perhaps BECAUSE of the pandemic).

    Its possible this trend will continue.

    According to economists... the scarcity of jobs motivates people to be creative and start businesses. Makes sense.

    Also considering the use of robots and automation over the next decade, one can only assume startups will become even more frequent in the near future.

    But all of this doesnt mean there wont be a bubble, at least short term.

    It obviously depends on if supply of good names will exceed demand or vice versa.

    Interested to hear your opinions!
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  2. L.A. Randle

    L.A. Randle Rise & Grind Blue Account

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    I'll tell you this. I've always followed the flow of the market. I go with what works, and what people want. And currently, the startup boom is real. Domains will always be needed. But people are now looking for more. It's the reason why I built a startup company instead of a domain flipping business. And the sales have never been better.
  3. biggie

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    the supply already outweighs demand.

    for one, "the supply" or inventory is endless and unsubstantiated with no established criteria of quality....unlike other products on the market that have "grades of/or quality standards".

    any mo-fo with some code, can open a brandable marketplace nowadays and you'll have plenty of idealists ready to list at the newest platform.

    so, supply will continue to outweigh demand.
    also, some of those businesses will come up with their own names, so that's a variable too

  4. AEProgram

    AEProgram Top Contributor VIP Blue Account

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    Startups are raising a lot of money much easier than ever before (even compared to the first dotcom bubble). Most startups will want a dotcom and with a lot of cash on hand spending 50k-5million on a name is not a big deal especially when you compare what they spend on other things related to branding / advertising.

    Most domainers with good names price them way too low. Its great news for businesses but not so good news for the seller of the name.

    The main reason we do not see a million dollar sale every day is because the domain owner is not pricing things right.
  5. du6262

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    Large enterprises will be equipped with different brand domain names according to different stages of development.Owning multiple brand domains is also a way to protect your own brand
  6. biggie

    biggie VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    since the topic is about "brandable domain bubble" then what you are saying, to me, really doesn't apply to this niche` or category.
    for real though... how many names listed on these brandable marketplaces sold for $1mil?
    most of them want to "tell you", how much it's worth, while charging up to 30% commission on sales.
    and in effort to move inventory and make headlines, they encourage lower "buy it now" prices.

    still, for domains that are outside of the "brandable" realm, excluding top tier one word .com, many of them aren't worth $1mil and if some do get sold for that amount, you may not hear about it.... if it was NDA or only shared in small circle.

    one can price @ $1mil, but how many buyers are out there for that domain, with that budget and are prepared to spend it?

    also, if everyone was shooting for Mars pricing, then how many transactions would occur?
    and on other side of that kiz-zoin...
    if, domain owners are pricing their names too low, then why aren't other domainers, scooping them up?

    lot of questions and many variables that effect/affect the answers.
    experience, quality, demand, the sweet spot, leverage, time, previous offers, monetization, need to sell, etc, etc

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  7. AEProgram

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    Why other domainers aren't scooping them up? THEY ARE, myself included.

    Most domains listed are worthless, when you finally have something good, set a high price and wait. Most domains that sell after being registered for 10-20 years might have only gotten a few offers in that time period. Domains are very unique in that sense.
  8. TauseefKhan

    TauseefKhan Established Member

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    Every month thousands of companies get incorporate worldwide in form of companies and partnerships. Problem is most of them don't realize value of a good domain/name. So, once this realization kicks in - the demand will see a surge.

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