Effect of Coronavirus on Domain Prices

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With the increase in e-commerce due to Coronavirus, how will domain prices be affected?

  1. Domains will appreciate long term (behavior will change for years to come)

  2. Domains will appreciate short term (until behavior goes back to normal)

  3. No effect

  4. Domains will depreciate short term

  5. Domains will depreciate long term

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  1. nydomain

    nydomain Established Member

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    With this pandemic, people are generally social distancing, avoiding shows, sporting events, really anything crowded, shopping in public, etc. People are staying home more often and this situation has inevitably led to more video conferencing and eCommerce. Even as countries gradually open up, in my opinion, it will be to a different world. People will wash hands more frequently, probably wear masks, avoid proximity with others when possible, maybe work remotely more often, etc. We'll think twice on going to large gatherings, festivals, etc.

    As people go out less often, and with the increased focus online for work, shopping, online restaurants, groceries online, etc, are domains going to be in higher demand? In other words, are businesses going to look to upgrade their digital assets?
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  2. DomainRex


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    I believe so

    Boomers that avoided using technology like internet and websites for their businesses are now force to us it to survive.

    The internet should be embraced, is an amazing technology. And now with things like virtual reality almost everything will be digital in the future.

    This pandemic is really what virtual reality needed for people to realize its potential
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  3. Established Member

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    Being online will be much more important for businesses in the new period after this pandemic.
  4. WatchDogue

    WatchDogue Top Contributor VIP

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    Being a long term, pre-Covid-19 online shopper for many, many years of items essential and necessary as well as the frivolous,I have no doubt continued online shopping will remain an even greater force against which the eventual re-opened brick and mortar shops must compete.

    Believe the public's mounting awareness of wearing face masks, gloves and other PPE when out for example, will make companies and individual sellers of same online want to improve and enhance their online presence.

    Same too, with localized food and product delivery services - to have people " find your local service " you will likely use websites or pages to announce your delivery service and availability.

    Restaurants will want to or, for survival, have to inaugurate and continue to offer curbside food services and advertise and explain same from their websites or online pages.

    And the above are but just a handful of the types of businesses that will benefit from an enhanced online presence and that too could involve upgrading of their business related domain names.

    Long after the USA economy and likely many other countries re-open for "business as usual", business will be anything but " as usual".

    If only 10-20% of Americans remain vigilant and attuned to the possibility of contracting the virus after the economy and businesses re-open,a number I believe low by the way, that will have a significant impact on the online shopping bottom line and, the online sellers need to attract those credit card dollars.

    More of the freshly scrubbed clean hands will continue using the keyboard as their personal shopper to avoid the likelihood of contracting the virus from an infected fellow shopper.
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  5. nydomain

    nydomain Established Member

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    Thanks for the comments. I honestly think the impact will be quite significant long term. Our behavior will change long term. Ultimately this will bring an increased focus online and imo will slowly drive up demand for quality domains
  6. lock

    lock VIP

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    Makes an average name worse with less play money for a punt on eg: third choice names.

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