Attempting to Purchase Domain Names That Are Past Expiration

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If anyone has any insights on the best process to attempt to purchase domain names that are past their expiration date, it would be most appreciated.

At this time, some of the domain names are only about a couple weeks past expiration. (The current registrant, obviously, may still renew.)

One of the domains is in the .US TLD. Being this is a ccTLD means it isn't necessarily following the same ICANN policies applicable to gTLDs. That being said, from what I understand (but am uncertain) the .US TLD follows a similar timeline. If anyone has specific knowledge regarding .US, please point it out. I contacted the registry and the customer service person I interacted with said there's a 45 day redemption period followed by a 5 days pending delete period. On the registry website I found reference to a 35 day redemption followed by a 5 days pending delete. So I'm not entirely clear which is correct. If you only know the timelines how it works regarding the gTLDs, such as .COM, please share that knowledge as well, with a disclaimer that it's applicable to gTLDs.

  1. How long after the listed expiration date can the current registrant still renew at the regular price?
  2. How long after the listed expiration date can the current registrant renew at a higher price (i.e. redemption fee)? Typically, how much is that additional fee?
  3. How long after the listed expiration date can the current registrant no longer renew the domain?
  4. How long after the listed expiration date does the domain go back into the general pool and is available on a first-come first-serve basis for anyone else to register?
  5. Does who the current registrar is make any difference in the above timelines? If so, how?
  6. Do the registrars, or affiliate domain auction services, start the auction process prior to the completion of the redemption or delete periods? If so, does this affect the above timelines - whether there are bidders or not? Where can auctions for expired, but not-yet deleted, domains be found?
  7. What is the likelihood of manually grabbing the domain myself once it hits the general pool? Are almost all expiring domains usually grabbed within seconds of becoming available?
  8. What services are available to preorder the domain before it hits general availability? What are the timelines they start accepting orders for such domains? Does preordering through them change what would, otherwise, have been the timeline? Which of these services have a reputation as being more effective than others and which have a reputation of being less effective? Do they charge regardless of whether they're successful in obtaining the domain; or are there any effective services that charge a reasonable price only if successful? Is it worthwhile, and cost effective, to preorder through more than one service?

I know that's a lot. Even some good answers would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
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Where is it possible to view listings of domains that are expired or pending delete?
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