Is it possible to undo a pending delete?

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Is it possible for a registrar to use registrar authority to cancel pending deletes and extend the expiration date of a domain name?

At least it's possible for .jp domains. When a certain registrar in Japan receives a drop-catch application for a .jp domain name, if the domain name is managed by its own registrar, it cancels the pending delete and extends the expiration date. They then make it look like the drop catch was successful and sell it to applicants.

Is the above method possible for .com or .net?
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Not possible for .com

"The domain will be in the Pending delete period after having previously gone through the Renew Grace Period and Redemption Period and not being renewed. When reaching this status, the domain cannot be renewed because it is waiting to be deleted by the Registry."
It will depend on the registry, but it's not possible for gTLDs that I know of.
For ccTLDs, sure, there are a few like that.
And then, of course, there are court orders, which can not only "undo" pendingDelete but also magically bring deleted domains back to life.
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