Are our emails going to buyers spam folder following bodis or other inquiries?

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    so i had an experince today with a buyer... which made me wonder just how many of my replies to buyers inquiries may be going to their spam folders.

    a buyer sent me inquiry on bodis. this came to my regular GMAIL address.. that i use for all email correspondences.. domain or otherwise.. without issues in almot every case as people are always responding to me..

    however, there are also those bodies inquiries which from time to time I receive.. to which I reply.. and which go silent after... so this experience with buyer today, who basically told me he had to fetch my email from his spam in the end, had me wondering... whether those inquiries that i reply to which then go silent... are not ending up in buyers spam foldes.. thatd be a big shame.. for reasons we all understand.

    any thoughts on this? experiences? obviously, there is just no way to tell if or which of my replies never reached those buyrs.. is there?

    perhaps this fact alone... should be reason enough to redirect the bodis banner to or another lander.. versus an email inquiry...

    i've honestly not thought of this before.. til today... as i never had issues with my emails...
    but then i understood that of course on some of them i would just never know if they went to spam folders... if i never get a reply from buyers.

    would u conclude a situation like i had today was more due to maybe the buyers strict email settings for spam? even then, its still not worth taking chances.. so i think im basically going to redirect to dan sale lander... this seems just too risky and a possibility im not willing to take and lose sales in such silly ways.

    perhaps this can also serve some of you out there, who rely on parking company sale landers.. and who sometimes do not get reply back from buyrs.. thinking the buyer lost interest.

    and truth is. over the years i did have a whole bunch of bodis inquiries that went silent aftr my reply..

    p,s, this person's particular email service was:
    if thats of any help to those of you who may be more famiiar with various services
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