Anyone else registering 3D domains?

Located in Niche Domain Discussion started by malcarada, Feb 16, 2010.


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    Ok guys, we need to clear something up here.

    This thread was about

    It's NOT about "Appraisals" or 'Sales" or my peter is better than your peter....

    The question seems to have been answered by many of you already, over and over and
    over again, now into it's 1300th post - which clearly indicates it has run it's course.

    There are appraisal requests, links to parked pages, advertising links, links to sales, showcasing
    like crazy and all kids of stuff unrelated to the thread question. You've had a good run with it...

    This thread has been asked and answered, and is now closed.
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    Who said 3D world was going to die...? 3D printing, VR, AR... All these technologies have arrived to stay forever (unless someone invents more dimensions...). You can check out the trends (July 16th, 2016):

    a) 3d Printing / Additive Manufacturing:This is going to change absolutely the way we produce, use and consume objets. It is the democratization of the design and products, almost everything you can imagine is going to be able to be produced and customised. No matter how complex is. printing manufacturing

    b) Virtual Reality (VR): reality

    c) Augmented Reality (AR): reality

    Here is a pretty nice 3D DN portfolio (+ others) in case someone is interested: ;)

    Best regards
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    Thank you for bumping a 6-year thread. Now how many domainers have made good 3D sales ?
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    Probably no-one (actually, if I remember correctly, 3dparts com was sold for good money.) But then again, the business of domain names is to sell domains to domain investors (and a couple of here and there to end-users). The amount of domains that sell on aftermarket in any niche to end-users is really, really small (and patterned, i.e. certain type of domains [with frequent modifiers, easy, smart, pro etc.]), and quite predictable. Not that you didn't know this...
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    The point is these technologies (especially 3d printing or additive manufacturing) is not going to be a niche just live 3D TVs... In a few years we could use or buy 3d printed (OEM/ODM) products on demand. In fact, it is already available. Every single day you can read or watch on tv several news about it... It is the 4th industrial revolution, not a niche like others.
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    1,247 - could be a browser based 3d navigational computer generated rendering of moscow.:)
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