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Deven Patel

Hi all,

I wanted to introduce a new premium domain marketplace we just launched called Alter. I would love to hear your thoughts! As the world’s largest community of domainers, your feedback would be invaluable.

Let me introduce myself. Although I’m new to NamePros, I’ve been around the block. I’ve been buying and selling domains for my own startup ideas for over 20 years. As a serial entrepreneur, I founded a number of startups across various industries like marketing, web hosting, social networking, blogging, and SaaS. This experience has helped me understand how indispensable a brand name is to a business.

Most new entrepreneurs don’t think twice about their company name. Our goal is to change that! A brand name literally has the power to make or break their business. This is more true today than ever before now that there are countless alternatives to every product or service imaginable. Sure, every business may have their own world-changing differentiator but from the outside they all look the same at which point the main differentiator ends up becoming their brand name. In a world full of distractions, we no longer have the attention span to thoroughly research what we buy so we rely on our emotions. This is why large businesses like Apple and Amazon spend billions on their “brand” alone because they understand that customer perception is everything.

Anyway, I noticed that most marketplaces that exist today are focused more on the seller rather than the buyer. Our goal is to reverse the equation and prioritize buyers because I think they are the key to success in any industry. The domain industry is no exception. Without buyers, there’s no money. This is why we’ve made it our mission to help entrepreneurs succeed!

And what’s with the 30-35% commission rate most of these marketplaces are charging? Unless they’re doing more work than a human broker, I don’t think anything over the industry average of 15-20% is warranted. We’re changing that. Alter has one of the lowest rates in the industry, an all-inclusive 10% commission fee when a name sells. There are no other fees or restrictions.

What do you think? Are we on the right track or barking up the wrong tree?

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Sold about a week ago on alter.
Listed price : $2,799
Sold price : $2799
Recieved: $2,519
Hold time : 3months

Thanks to Alter Team.

Deven Patel

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, we'd like to thank you for using Alter to sell your domain names. We're honored to have the opportunity to serve you.

You asked, we listened. You provided so much valuable feedback over the last few months. Our team has been working around the clock to turn it into reality. We're excited to announce incredible new features!

Installment Plans
Alter now offers sellers the ability to sell domains via monthly installments! This allows buyers to spread their payments over 3-36 months making their domain purchase more affordable. Enabling installments will typically lead to quicker sales. Learn more ›

Price Adjustments
Sellers often asked us to tweak appraisals for their domains to better match their expectations. Well, now you can increase or decrease the list price of your domains by up to 20% once they're accepted.

Landing Pages
Landing pages are the best way to attract potential buyers so we're constantly tweaking them to improve performance. The latest round of updates include:
  • Dynamic Colors: Looking at the same landing page for every domain can get boring even with unique logos. So we got creative! We programmed the header image along with other CTAs on the page to match the color of the logo.
  • Pronunciation: Potential buyers can now hear an audio of how to pronounce the domain name with a click of a button.
  • Bigger Logo: As the focal point of the landing page, it only made sense to make the logo bigger and more attractive.
  • Social Proof: Buyers can now see the number of other people who viewed the domain recently. We also added our TrustPilot rating under the Buy Now button to boost conversions.
Curious about what the new landing pages look like? See example ›

Domain Management
Now that sellers are growing their portfolios on Alter, it's becoming cumbersome to manage their domains. Searching for one in their account is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. To improve this experience, we've added a new search bar and a Listed tab on the Domains page that will make it super easy to find your domains.

Smart Search
When we first launched, our search functionality was very basic. We've dramatically improved it to return results based on all of the domain's metadata like its keywords and categories. This will result in better and richer results for potential buyers. Try it yourself ›

Live Chat
Being able to assist buyers in real-time is more crucial today than ever before now that the average visitor attention span has dropped to mere seconds. We will now offer live chat to visitors on all domain landing pages to proactively help them with their inquiries during our business hours. And if it works well, we'll eventually offer it 24/7.

Traffic Breakdown
We understand it can be difficult to always see the value of using a domain marketplace like Alter to sell your valuable assets. So we broke it down for you! Your dashboard will now show a Traffic Breakdown pie chart which consists of the following three metrics:
  • Marketplace Visitors: Number of people that learned about your domains through our marketplace.
  • Partner Visitors: Number of people that learned about your domains via our partners (estimated).
  • Direct Visitors: Number of people that learned about your domains by typing them directly in their browser.
We hope that this level of transparency will help you determine whether listing your portfolio with us is worth it. See chart ›

We're truly excited to announce that we've partnered up with some of the world's top marketplaces and registrars to give your domains maximum exposure! Starting later this month, your domains will automatically be listed on the following marketplaces and registrars:
  • Sedo,, IONOS, Namecheap, Network Solutions,, Epik, NameSilo, Hover, Dynadot,, BigRock, 101domain, SnapNames, Sav, Hexonet,, Moniker, Rebel, InterNetX, Dofo, WebNames, and more
This means you no longer have to worry about dealing with different companies, updating prices across accounts, re-verifying domains, etc. And you still only pay 10% commission on the price assigned to your domains on Alter. We'll just list them at slightly higher prices on other marketplaces to compensate for their higher commission. Win-win!

Action Required: In order to protect our relationships with these partners, you cannot list your Alter domains with any of the companies mentioned above since we will be doing it on your behalf moving forward. If they are already listed there, please remove them from there before February 15th. Otherwise, you are free to list them anywhere else you like.

Thanks for your continued support in our journey to change the world, one domain at a time. We're glad you're with us! :)
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My review of after switching ALL of my nameservers to Alter!

Around 2 months ago I decided to test the new direction the alter marketplace is heading and at the end of September I moved all of my non Squadhelp listed domain names to alter (approximately 3000 names)

During October I was quite pleased to close 5 domain sales with alter. Each transaction was seamless and went through without any issues! I typically was selling at another marketplace that charged 20% commission and am happy to have saved close to $800 in commission by selling with alter for just 10% commission!

In November I also completed another 5 sales with alter and again no issues at all with transaction! Again I saved over $1000 in commission!

Also in November, I decided to leave squadhelp after being with them for 3 years. The reasoning here was primarily due to highest commission in the industry and reduced visibility of my portfolio of 800+ names. I may go deeper into my exit from Squadhelp in another post at a later date.

Since leaving squadhelp I had completed 2 sales of my previously listed sh names via alter! Combined savings from these two sales with alters 10% commission was over $1600!!. Funds that I am very happy to have!

I will follow up with an additional review that is more detailed after I’ve spent some more time with alter! Happy holidays!

Also a big thank you to @Deven Patel for your great support and communication!


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Hi @Deven Patel, If you don't mind, can we know -

1. What are the top 10 biggest sales happened on Alter (If you can't disclose the name sale price will be fine)?
2. Avg selling price of the domain?
3. Minimum duration of the sale?
4. Ratio of BIN and Installment sales?
5. How much percent we will boost the sales rate by opting syndication option?
6. Interesting and important facts that we (sellers) should know about Alter?

I am curious (I hope others also) to know these things because there are very low published sales and few sellers claiming that alter is working for them than the other marketplace!

Thank you :)
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Deven Patel

A small but significant update everyone!

We noticed that some of you were selling domains that were already accepted on Alter to other users who then wanted to re-list them on our marketplace. This process was cumbersome because you had to contact us to expedite the review process for these names which normally took a few days.

We just released a feature where domains already accepted in the past will automatically be re-accepted when the acquiring user submits them. And once they're re-verified, they will also automatically be listed on our marketplace instantly.

Thanks again for your continued patience and support! :)
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Just like to say how impressed I am with your platform. I signed up not long ago, submitted some names, a few of which were accepted. I was impressed with the proposed pricing, the logo your team generated and the writeup produced for the domain names. While understanding the concerns some have expressed re listing other places, frankly personally I like the approach that once a domain is listed in Alter it automatically gets listed a bunch of other places. Well done, and thanks for being so responsive on NamePros, @Deven Patel. I look forward to seeing your platform grow.


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High quality to us means the name is short, catchy, memorable, pronounceable, and easy to spell. A name great companies and products can be built on like Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Stripe, Apple, Amazon, Subway, Blue Origin, SpaceX, Coinbase, NamePros, etc. Here are some examples of what we consider high quality.

I see what you did there. Ranking by price is misleading. The default "Relevance" shows completely different picture.

On the first page there are names like wolf/ora, ka/aft, app/rila, zur/ova, v/esert, furn/ixo, salary/leap, gil/ur, joi/ti, gift/glad, oro/min, flavor/spin etc. that are at best hand-reg quality. How they are premium in your definition of it (apparently, you claim that you guys are very selective in your premiums) and, more importantly, why you think they are so good that they should be on the first page by relevance is just beyond me.

I mean, it is your site and you can do whatever you like, but please don't claim that Alter is somehow super-selective in quality. The names on your FIRST page are nowhere near your examples above like yahoo, google, paypal, stripe, subway, blue origin, spacex, coinbase, namepros etc. They are similar to yahoo/va, googol/rila, stripe/leap, subway/glad, blu/oromin, apple/spin, amazon/ur, coinbase/ti etc.


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I sold a hand-reg yesterday on Alter. I hand-registered this two-word .com domain name 6 months ago for 6.99 USD and now I sold it for 1299 USD (net proceeds after the 10% commission: 1169 USD). Total profit: 1162 USD.

This domain was originally accepted as a premium domain.

The transaction went smoothly, I quickly pushed this domain to Alter, then I received the money in 1 day. So the transaction was closed from start to finish in 1 day.

I received the full amount, PayPal didn't charge me any fees.

Overall great experience!
In case people have not noticed, you can now price domains at Alter with whatever ending you want. Used to have to be 99 or 00 ending. Given how successful HD and sellers like Swetha have with 88 endings, I have started repricing some of mine to that. Maybe it has been changed for some time but I just noticed it.

It seemed to work, as one I repriced to 88 ending sold BIN a few days ago B-) From notification, through transfer, then transaction complete, and then payout I selected to PayPal all took less than 24 hr. Very smooth. This was my second sale overall at Alter, but first in many months. The name sold was a short .xyz that could be viewed as a first name or as a brandable. My BIN was $1288. I kept a bit of my return in Alter as I plan to purchase professional logos for a few of my names. I figure over a long holding period the enhanced sale probability make it worthwhile.

In case you have not noticed it, the TM search in Alter is really readable and informative. You, or potential purchasers, can access it from the text links at the bottom of the page.

I wonder if it would be possible to slightly extend the timeout period? I am slow, I know, but usually when I am doing things on Alter I am also checking things in Whois, my spreadsheet, perhaps another marketplace or email, and it often times out on me.

Thanks so much for such a great platform, and one that is so responsive to suggestions and constantly getting better.

So when I read on here about Alter now accepting non-premium names, I tried adding my first non-premium listing to Alter a week ago (I had a few months ago submitted about 20 something names of which 3 were accepted and are listed as premium names - I have not yet sold any of those 3).

I meant to add more non-premium last weekend, but actually only added 1. I was pleased when 6 days after listing a single domain name I got notice from an Alter rep that there was a potential client but their upper price was less than my listing price. It was a name I felt flexible on, was keen to make a sale, so accepted, and within 24 hr the client paid, name was transferred, I was paid, I cashed out to PayPal.

For now I am not disclosing name or sales price as I am not clear on Alter's policy regarding disclosure of sales? The name is a 5-letter pronounceable name I had hand registered a couple of years ago. I had earlier submitted it to SH and Alter for premium, but was not accepted. The name builds on word in language other than English.

So, so far I am really happy with Alter as a now hybrid platform. Things I liked:
  • Listing was easy.
  • Verification works fast and well (I now have listed another dozen or so names after my first sale).
  • I like the landers. They look professional and include enough detail to help with sales.
  • Idea of their lander showing well known brands with same number of letters as your name is a great idea.
  • The sales process and payout worked fast and easy.
  • The agent I dealt with was professional, helpful and friendly.
  • The 10% commission is great for the level of service offered.
  • I like the analytics they offer. I can see how many times each name gets viewed, if it gets favourited, where overall traffic to my names is coming from.
A few hints:
  1. Remember to use capitalization if your name suits it.
  2. Think carefully for the 3 category choices. The list of options is well thought out.
  3. While the logo editor is very basic, it does allow you to change the font and colour. Do try some logo options. Note that the background colour changes according to your font colour. I did not at all like the default logo look, but after trying a bunch of fonts and colours was much happier.
  4. While Alter will generate a generic description and use an algorithm to assign keywords, and sometimes these are not too bad, you can definitely improve by editing them yourself. You set a one sentence lead sentence, the keywords, and a number of ways the name could be used. This takes a few minutes, but is well worth the time.
  5. Remember to take name down from other marketplaces before listing on Alter. They will quickly post it on their partner sites, with a markup to reflect the commission, but you can't keep your own say Sedo or DAN listings and list it on Alter. For names I plan to list on Alter I first take them down everywhere, and set the DNS to Alter before listing so there is a bit of propagation time for verification. Then I list on Alter.
I don't see it much yet, but even with priority system, I am a little worried if a lot of really low quality names will overwhelm the site. I hope our community will show restraint in only listing solid names on the site.

Great job, Alter. Impressed with your service and the depth you answer suggestions here.

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I was recently sold the domain on for $6804 in 12 month installments.
I used several sites such as Sedo, Afternic, Godaddy, Dan, Epic etc.
Recently changed the parking of 350 domains to
There seems to be a definite advantage to installment sales.
A number of inquiries and negotiations are currently underway.
I hope will rapidly expand the market and lead the market.

alter sales.jpg

Hui Siew Choong

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627 is just awesome, sold at low 5 figures . 2nd sales within 10 days.

The speed of sales completion are unexpectedly fast, faster than fast transfer premium listing sales . Money already in my bank account in Hong Kong.

I am considering to migrate all my domains to to enjoy the lowest 10% fee , if they fit into selection criterias

Deven Patel

Hi everyone.. we just released some major improvements! :)

As always, we'd like to thank you for using Alter to sell your domain names. We truly appreciate your continued support.

We're always listening to all your feedback and trying to make our marketplace the best that we possibly can for you. We're excited to announce a number of new improvements!

Rethinking Premium

After our last big announcement, we received a lot of valuable feedback from sellers regarding our premium selection process. A lot of sellers felt like the process was unfair when their names weren't chosen. Since there was no real consensus on what high quality actually meant, we couldn't make everyone happy. Additionally, buyers don't seem to care about this because we've sold just as many premium domains as non-premium.

So after careful consideration, we've decided to drop the premium label altogether. We will no longer review names manually. Instead, we built a smarter search algorithm that uses a number of factors to rank names based on buyer feedback rather than our or the seller's opinion.

Everything from the domain's extension, length, price, brandability, popularity, and more will be used to determine its rank. Just like the Google search algorithm, we'll continually adjust it over time based on buyer feedback to ensure an optimal experience and high STR.

Based on our initial testing, the algorithm is working very well and often better than our manual curation process! This means high quality names will continue to thrive while giving new listings an equal opportunity (just like SEO).

Make Offer

You can now accept offers for your domain names! Make Offer can be enabled for all your domains in bulk or for each individual domain by clicking on its Change Price button and setting a minimum offer value. Once enabled, you will be able to negotiate directly with buyers from your Alter control panel.


Our new Offers page will show you all the new and existing offers for your domains. You will also be able to see the buyer's name, country, and partial email address to help you negotiate like a pro!



Say hello to our free AI-powered domain appraisal tool! We've engineered it from the ground up to estimate the value of any domain name using a variety of factors including millions of historical sales. And the best part of it all is that it's built right inside our control panel for easy access.


Paypal & Crypto

Who doesn't love flexibility? We've added new payment methods to our marketplace! In addition to credit cards and wire transfers, buyers can now purchase domains using PayPal and a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more.


Similar Names

We've replaced the Featured Names section with Similar Names across all landing pages to help improve the browsing experience for buyers and generate more relevant traffic for sellers.


That said, we understand that a number of sellers don't like this idea for one reason or another so we've made it optional. You can toggle this feature on or off by heading over to Settings > Similar Names. Please note that disabling this feature will reduce traffic to your own listings and may lower your sell-through rate so we highly recommend leaving it on.

Google Analytics

Although our built-in dashboard already provides valuable insights, you can now see more detailed traffic data for your landing pages through Google Analytics. Simply enter your Tracking ID and/or Measurement ID under Settings > Google Analytics to set it up.

Bulk Tools

We've made it even easier to manage domains in bulk. Simply click on the Manage Domains button found on the Domains page to access the new bulk tools.


Alter Benefits

Our goal has always been to offer the most value for the least cost. With these improvements, we've blown past that goal. To quickly recap, below are all the benefits you receive at Alter in return for our low all-inclusive 10% commission:
  • Domain Logos: Names with logos help your listings stand out from the crowd which is proven to increase sales. You can use our logo designer to create them for free, upload your own for free, or even order professional designs directly from your account.
  • More Exposure: In addition to type-in traffic, your domains are marketed via PPC, SEO, social media, remarketing, and more.
  • Installment Plans: Buyers can pay using monthly installments spread over 3-36 months which is proven to increase STR.
  • Concierge Service: During a sale, we hold the domain securely in our own registrar account to ensure safe delivery to the buyer.
  • Syndication: Your domains are automatically listed on over 650 partner marketplaces and registrars for maximum exposure.
  • SSL Redirects: Our platform automatically redirects traffic through HTTPS links so you don't miss out on any leads.
  • Traffic Breakdown: We show you exactly how much traffic we're generating for your portfolio directly on your dashboard.
  • Customer Service: Buyers have the option to contact us via live chat/phone/email and talk to a real person instantly.
  • Social Validation: Our 5-star TrustPilot reviews and mentions on top tier publications like Forbes, Inc, WaPo, and USA Today help establish credibility with buyers.
  • Chargeback Protection: Your sales are protected against fraudulent disputes. We got your back!
  • No Hidden Fees: Our commission is all-inclusive with no other hidden processing fees that may scare away buyers.
We're confident that these improvements will further enhance our marketplace and ultimately generate more sales for you. If you have any feedback or concerns, please feel free to reach out at any time.


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And yes, we'll certainly look into supporting Payoneer if there's enough demand. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
In line with @Deven Patel statement above, l suggest those interested in their supporting Payoneer, like this my comment so he can have idea of the number of people that needs it.
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