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I have a client leasing a domain who wishes to use the domain for email usage via gmail redirect. Example: [email protected] where FuzzyCropCircles.xyz is the leased domain.
Can anyone foresee issues with allowing usage of the domain for email? My concern is the appearance of ownership by the leasee and any potential for loss (transfer) of the domain.
I am not so concerned about my current client, but it made me cautious for future requests of such an arrangement.
Any input appreciated.
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Can anyone foresee issues with allowing usage of the domain for email?

There is always a potential risk that your domain will be used for spam runs. The domain (still yours) will then get a bad reputation. The client can always cancel the agreement after the spam run, and you're left with a domain that has become worthless. This happens with leased (or hijacked) netblocks as well.

Not to scare you, but you asked for potential issues that may arise.


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It's a lease so why use it for email. So a big no for me .
I only allow email forwards, and lease monthly (no prorated refunds): $29 to $99.
That way you stay in control of the domain and eliminate the spam possibility.

So in your Example: [email protected] would be forwarded to the renter's main email.
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