news .AI registry fining domain registrars over abuse complaints

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ccTLD manager says it will fine registrars for not suspending domains and if customers contact the registry directly..AI, the country code for Anguilla, has become very popular thanks to its use by artificial intelligence companies. But a recent policy change by the registry is sure to irk registrars that sell .AI domain names, and potentially registrants of these names.
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It’s one more example of why companies and domain investors should be careful about using obscure country code domain names.

Let me fix that for you.
If the objective is to address the problem of phishing/spam/abuse, this is just bad and the wrong idea.

I can see why a registry or registrar want to do something about all the noise that happens, but taking it out on your partner is going to break relationships.

I won't elaborate, but it shouldn't take anyone too long to see how this can be weaponized in so many ways through artful dipshittery.

More concerning is gTLD registries taking notice of this idea and being 'inspired' to introduce similar.