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In response to many requests for me to translate numbers into Chinese meanings, I've created a chart in this post as a quick guide for you to see some of the possible Chinese meanings for numbers from 0 to 99, as well as 00 to 09. These meanings can help you evaluate domains to purchase for the Chinese market.

In my previous blog post, How to Create Chinese Meanings for Numeric Domain Names, I explained in detail the steps that I take to find Chinese meanings for numeric domain names. This post contains a list of some of those meanings.

A few notes about the list:
  • Numbers do not translate directly to Chinese characters. I use the term 'translation' loosely to refer to finding a meaningful Chinese phrase that rhymes with or sounds similar to a number (0-9) as pronounced in Mandarin. That means for a certain number, I may come up with a Chinese phrase that is different from the phrase another Chinese person may think of. While I have included one possible meaning for each number, multiple Chinese phrases are also possible for each number.
  • The rhyming technique is not an exact science, but more of a creative skill. In this chart, some number to Chinese character pairs are almost an exact match when pronounced (e.g., 99 to 久久), but some are a bit more of a stretch (e.g., 43 to 时尚). The key to a successful rhyme is when consumers can remember a domain name because of its translation. If so, then the translation has succeeded in its purpose.
  • This rhyming technique is not unique to the Chinese language. It can also apply to other languages, thus making numeric domain names very attractive for buyers all over the world. For example, the number 15 may translate to 要我 (want me) in Chinese and いちご (strawberry) in Japanese.
  • For simplicity, the chart in this blog post covers only numbers from 0 to 99 (and 00-09), and it provides only one Chinese phrase for each number. However, you can visit my website for more details, and for regular updates to the list of numbers. I plan to expand this list to 9999 because four-number .com domain names are popular in China.
  • These translations are based on my understanding of the Chinese and English languages. Since I am not a linguist, some of my interpretations may be wrong. Your feedback will help me improve this chart.
Without further ado, here is the chart:

0: (Win)
1: (Medical)
2: 饿 (Hungry)
3: (Mountain)
4: (Try)
5: (Force)
6: (Stroll)
7: (Enterprise)
8: (Bar)
9: (Wine)

00: 赢赢 (Win win)
01: 赢易 (Easy win)
02: 赢爱 (Win love)
03: 赢商 (Win business)
04: 能事 (Skillful)
05: 你我 (You and I)
06: 赢了 (Won already)
07: 你去 (You go)
08: 你发 (You'll be rich)
09: 赢久 (Win for a long time)

10: 要赢 (Want to win)
11: 易易 (Easy easy)
12: 要爱 (Want love)
13: 一生 (Whole life)
14: 一世 (Whole generation)
15: 要我 (Want me)
16: 要乐 (Want to have fun)
17: 一起 (Together)
18: 要发 (Want to be rich)
19: 要酒 (Want wine)

20: 爱赢 (Love to win)
21: 爱医 (Love doctor)
22: 爱爱 (Love love)
23: 爱商 (Love business)
24: 安世 (Peaceful life)
25: 爱我 (Love me)
26: 爱乐 (Love fun)
27: 爱妻 (Love wife)
28: 爱发 (Love to be rich)
29: 爱酒 (Love wine)

30: 想赢 (Want to win)
31: 生意 (Business)
32: 相爱 (Love each other)
33: 生生 (Alive alive)
34: 绅士 (Gentleman)
35: 商务 (Business affair)
36: 商路 (Trade route)
37: 商机 (Business opportunity)
38: 想法 (Idea)
39: 想走 (Want to leave)

40: 死赢 (Win to death)
41: 司仪 (Master of ceremonies)
42: 示爱 (Show love)
43: 时尚 (Fashion)
44: 世世 (Generation and generation)
45: 私物 (Personal belongings)
46: 丝路 (Silk road)
47: 世趣 (Interesting things in life)
48: 世霸 (Tyrant of the world)
49: 试酒 (Taste wine)

50: 我赢 (I win)
51: 唯一 (One and only)
52: 我爱 (I love)
53: 网商 (Net business)
54: 武士 (Warrior)
55: 舞舞 (Dance dance)
56: 物流 (Logistics)
57: 玩钱 (Play with money)
58: 我发 (I'll be rich)
59: 我走 (I'll leave)

60: 来赢 (Come and win)
61: 乐游 (Fun tour)
62: 领爱 (Receive love)
63: 乐商 (Fun business)
64: 乐世 (A generation of fun)
65: 乐玩 (Fun in play)
66: 乐乐 (Fun, fun)
67: 乐趣 (Delight)
68: 又发 (Make a fortune again)
69: 乐酒 (Happy in drinking wine)

70: 麒麟 (Kirin)
71: 奇艺 (Fantastic skills)
72: 亲爱 (Beloved)
73: 情深 (Deep love)
74: 奇事 (Strange event)
75: 亲我 (Kiss me)
76: 喜乐 (Joy)
77: 钱钱 (Money, money)
78: 去发 (Go and become rich)
79: 千军 (A thousand soldiers)

80: 抱你 (Hug you)
81: 翻译 (Translate)
82: 不饿 (Not hungry)
83: 拜山 (Sweep the graves of ancestors)
84: 发誓 (Swear)
85: 帮我 (Help me)
86: 百乐 (A hundred types of fun)
87: 百艺 (A hundred skills)
88: 发发 (Becoming 'double' rich)
89: 伴酒 (A drinking companion)

90: 久赢 (Win for a long time)
91: 就医 (Seek medical advice)
92: 旧爱 (Old love)
93: 酒商 (Wine merchant)
94: 酒師 (Sommelier)
95: 购物 (Shopping)
96: 酒乐 (Happy in drinking wine)
97: 酒趣 (Delight in drinking wine)
98: 酒吧 (Drinking bar)
99: 久久 (A very long time)​

: Your Guide to Chinese Domain Names: From A to Z


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Thanks kassey. You are amazing
Great resource Kassey, thanks :)
Thanks Kassey! A valuable chart for us!
This is by far the most helpful and coolest article I've read in 2016!
Congrats and thank you for sharing your hard work with us @Kassey Lee! ;)
Thank you! This should be a sticky in the numerics section.
Thanks for excellent post.
I have a doubt, If the above numbers preceded by 00 than meaning remains the same or changes? For example: 0066 also means "Fun Fun" or the meaning changes.
Great stuff !!! Many thanks.
Now i understand why for example " 5240 " is a good number despite the "4 " and " 0 ".

52; i love
40; win to death
Result; i love to win ( to death ) !
Thanks for this awesome article.
Thanks brodie! This has definitely been bookmarked!
Thanks for taking the time to post this info.
I have a doubt, If the above numbers preceded by 00 than meaning remains the same or changes? For example: 0066 also means "Fun Fun" or the meaning changes.
The chart gives you only one meaning per number, but there are many more. So, a straight combination may not work, and an understanding of the Chinese language is required.

For example:
0066:你你乐乐>You, you, fun, fun
0066:赢赢乐乐>Win win, fun, fun
can work.

Now i understand why for example " 5240 " is a good number despite the "4 " and " 0 ".

52; i love
40; win to death
Result; i love to win ( to death ) !
Other possible phrases are:
5240:我愛死你>I love you till death
5240:我愛是你>You are my love
5240:我愛罰你>I love to punish you
5240:我气死你>I'm angry with you

謝謝 ( Xièxiè )
请多多指教 (I appreciate it.)
很好.优秀! ( Very good. Excellent! )
great and comprehensive info!
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