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Why This Company Paid $150,000 for

By James Iles, Dec 18, 2018
  1. eurorealtor

    eurorealtor VIP

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    Great to see an Eastern European Companies to invest in the top .com domain names.
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  2. maxtorz

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    1.Dropping your price from $700,000USD to $150,000USD is something that a SELLER should never do. I don't care if you are selling domains/real estate/or anything else.
    That's a whopping 79% discount! LOL! At this point why not just sit on the rail road track with a sign that says "HEY run me over! Cuz I gave up long ago."
    If the Seller doesn't believe in his pricing, why would anyone would even consider buying from him???
    By the time he pays taxes and broker fees he ends up with...peanuts! is a fantastic brand. It will take the current company that acquired this name OUT of obscurity and give them the edge over other competing companies in their space. The problem most startups and companies face today is "nobody knows them".
    The best coffee in the world is not a winner today, the best KNOWN coffee in the world wins. Starbucks is disgusting IMO(I am drinking Starbucks while writing this), but IT'S the best KNOWN coffee in the world, and it's close enough. :xf.wink:
    Why are they the best??Because they SPEND MONEY to DOMINATE their space. Period.

    That's my 2 cents for today
  3. Kate

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    Maybe I am alone but 150K is a good price. The name is too generic for most businesses.
    And there are not many names selling in that range, let alone 700K. I think the owner did well to sell. He might have been waiting for 20 years for a serious offer - who knows.

    There are people who have been sitting on superb names for two decades, but until a sale happens these names are not productive assets. Even patient people expect a return at some point.

    There is a huge gap between our perceived value and the number of end users capable and willing to spend the right sum of money on domain names.
  4. trap3

    trap3 Top Member VIP

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    For me, the domain is worth considerably more than 150k.

    If the new owners dont make a success with it with their current business model, it has massive resale potential in the future, or the ability to be developed in an alternative solution. could be used for VR and AI etc. As future technologies take over more and more of our lives, the word 'user' will apply to much of the worlds population in these areas. The term 'user' was used in the film Tron way back in 1982 as an example.

    With more and more people living in social isolation and retreating into cyberspace, and in the future into VR, AR, AI and any other alternate realities , the word 'user' (singular) will become increasingly applicable.
  5. dande

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    Good buy, great price for a great domain name
  6. Kenny

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    Hello Greg,

    Welcome to NamePros!

    Congratulations on the purchase of an outstanding domain at a great price.
    If you have any questions about the forum, feel free to DM any of the Staff.

    By the way "Greg from" has a good look to it. :)


    DOMAIN ILLUMINATI Owner of ▲ the most expensive domain of all time. Gold Account

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    Subjectivelyyy an amount is always considered "high" or "low", while objectivelyyy it always remains relative.
    My observation here is that the price was obviously 100 % exactlyyy the right price because otherwise it would not have
    ended up in a deal.
  8. Zilla

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    150K is really a small $ for a growing company, it is basically just compensation for 1-3 staff year, why not spend this number to get a short/great .com for branding....I think once a company is growth enough, they all “should” happy enough to spend suce small $ to enhance its branding

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