James Iles Resolves to a New Chinese Website

By James Iles, Sep 17, 2015
  1. I've reported a couple of times on the domain name, which sold via Sedo earlier this year. Through sources in China, I revealed an approximate sales price of around $8 million with Tencent cited as being the possible new owners. has now started to resolve to a Chinese web page, after a period of not resolving at all. The domain is currently pointing to a website that looks to be owned by Renrendai, one of the big players in the Chinese P2P financial service loans industry.

    Tencent - a company that I speculated as being involved in the transaction, invested heavily in Renrendai in 2014 by funding part of a $130 million Series A investment.

    A couple of weeks ago, the WhoIs data for updated to show [email protected] as the email address associated with the domain name. This same email address was used in Tencent's acquisition of for $300,000 earlier in the year.

    It would make perfect sense for Tencent to have acquired the domain name, as one of its largest ventures is the app WeChat, which has over 600 million monthly users across the globe. According to HSBC Bank, WeChat is worth $83.6bn, so acquiring an extremely valuable domain that also happens to match their brand would be an excellent idea.

    So far, though, there is no publicly available evidence linking Tencent to the domain. It seems that is being used by Renrendai to forward to a website displaying some sort of product website.
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    Go hard or go home. :rolleyes:
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    ok. Thanks for the information.
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    One heck of a domain.
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    When 360buy started with JD, thought it will take ages until people recognize that company under its new presence. It only took weeks...
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