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By James Iles, Aug 26, 2019
  1. This weekend, I was in Zurich Switzerland for a short break and as a domainer, it’s difficult not to notice domains that are being used by local companies. It seems that although the ccTLD for Switzerland is .CH, many companies have opted to use .COM instead. Tourist destinations such as the ever popular zoo, however, are using short, memorable .CH names such as I always find it interesting to see what type of names are used in other countries.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Reviews of Sedo’s New Design

    This week, leading domain marketplace Sedo announced that they were launching a new landing page, focusing more on procuring offers with a simple layout.

    There has been a lot of reaction from the community, mostly focused in this discussion with comparisons to other landing services, suggestions, and user feedback.

    Topic by: @Sedo

    Do Crypto Domains Still Look Good?

    Over the past couple of years, cryptocurrency has become a hot topic. With Bitcoin seeing a meteoric value increase before slipping significantly, domains related to cryptocurrency and associated technology have been trending high.

    With some domains such as previously selling for $195,000, are crypto domain names still worth investment? This discussion and attached poll aim to answer this.

    Topic by: @manpreet

    Your Top 10 Names

    This week, bloggers and investors alike have taken to various media platforms to share their top ten names. I have seen stellar lists from the likes of Elliot Silver and DomainNameWire on Twitter, and now investors of all levels are disclosing their own picks for the top ten names of their portfolios.

    This is an interesting way to get to know other investors and the type of names they buy and sell. It may be an excellent opportunity to connect with like minded domainers.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    I Won My Third Consecutive UDRP

    As a domain name investor, one of the potential risks to your portfolio comes from the UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) process, or legal action against your domain names. Highly desirable names and portfolios can often be the subject of frivolous UDRP.

    AbdulBasit Makrani, a seasoned investor with sales such as for $375,000 under his belt, has shared his experience of a third consecutive UDRP against one of his names.

    Topic by:

    Feedback for a New Event Service Domain

    Choosing the right domain name for a project can be a difficult process, especially when you have multiple options available for the domain name. Here, Epik CEO Rob Monster has asked the community for help with choosing the domain name for a new event service, with an attached poll holding multiple domain names for consideration. Investors have given feedback on the name choices, too.

    Topic by: @Rob Monster

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    Thanks for the mention of recent successfully defending domain which I'm hopeful will help fellow domainers in one way or the other.
  7. The Durfer

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  8. Bob Hawkes

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    Nice collection as always @James Iles . Thank you.

    Interesting observations from your Swirzerland trip too. Did you notice that some categories of users go .ch, for example do most tourist attractions or banks while merchandise stores tend on .com?

    While I did not comment in your thread, I really appreciated the depth in your response re the UDRP challenges, , especially coming, as James notes, from someone who has experience with platinum level domain sales.

  9. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Many thanks Bob for your kind words. This victory is definitely the victory for fellow domainers as well.
  10. Ali Adil

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