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By James Iles, Jun 16, 2019
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    In case you missed it, we published an analysis of several well-funded companies that might consider rebranding since their ultimate .COM domain name is unavailable. It is, I believe, a reality check. There are a large amount of companies that still do not understand the value that a premium .COM domain can bring to their organization. Education, along with showcase series such as our very own “Inside Interview” will hopefully go some way to helping, but some companies just don’t get it.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    I Own 15 Extensions. Should I Sell Them All?

    An investor has revealed that they own a short keyword domain name in fifteen different extensions, including the .COM. According to the domainer, these names are all in a specific niche that will, by all accounts, see growth soon.

    The question is, is it advantageous to sell all fifteen domains as a package to one end user? Would an end user pay more to secure all extensions, or would they only care about the .COM?

    Topic by: @artstar

    Warning: Premium Domains Being Sold By a Hacker

    A would be domain thief has been outed by the staff at domain registrar Epik after attempting to sell some premium domain names for cryptocurrency. Some of the domains offered for sale include, and

    According to the discussion, the owner’s email account was hacked, resulting in numerous premium domains being offered for sale erroneously.

    Topic by: @Rob Monster

    The Lack Of Innovation In the Domain Industry

    Is there a lack of innovation amongst domain name industry companies? This question has been prompted by an investor’s experiences with Sedo, Afternic and GoDaddy interfaces, which are claimed to be archaic. The investor has taken the step of removing their portfolio from Afternic.

    Other investors have countered these claims by sharing the innovative products from Bodis, Uniregistry and Epik. Overall, do you agree that there needs to be more innovation within the domain industry?

    Topic by: @tomcarl

    Why ShareTheBus Upgraded to

    On the NamePros Blog, we have performed over thirty “inside interviews” in which we talk with CEO’s and entrepreneurs who have recently bought premium domain names, usually in the six and seven-figure range.

    It’s always fascinating to hear why a company opted to acquire a certain domain name and this week, brokerage company DomainAgents performed an interview with the buyer of, who rebranded their company from ShareTheBus to

    Topic by: @DomainAgents

    Creative Domain Name Exposure

    Domainer @Eric Lyon and his family have a somewhat digitally-nomadic lifestyle, working remotely while travelling around the United States. This has lead to a creative technique to improve exposure for a domain name or brand, which Eric has shared in this discussion.

    Eric has also encouraged other investors to share their creative ways of increasing exposure.

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon

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