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  1. Some of you already do this, have done it in the past, or forgot about it.

    This may prove to be useful as an added domain or brand exposure technique to stimulate local area awareness.

    Over the years I have liked to play with my smartphones tethering, which I use for the data on my laptop, while working remotely from anywhere in the U.S. I am at the time (Talk about freedom!).

    I change the account name to funny slogans, brand names and/or domain names I own.

    It's funny, because I forget that I do that a lot of times and in situations like the last three day's, when the local free wifi goes out and you fire up your mobile/mifi/wifi/data smartphone to tether too for those days and then a few days later stumble across some of the analytical data from those days that reminds you why you started setting your data sharing account name to your domain names landing page or website.

    For perspective, when you set your data account to your domain name and the power or wifi goes out in the local area (Or someone just looking for wifi), everyone freaking out that their signal was lost, rush over to the available wifi list, where your domain asset is staring them in the face, creating curiosity, and sometimes a desire to check it out once they get back online.

    It might look something like mine does in a wifi list:

    And for better perspective on the results, you can see a few analytics logs where I was using the data connection with my domain on the account and other people at the same RV park we were staying at visited the domain those days too when park WiFi came back on. I have even seen many return multiple times weeks or months later after finding us this way..

    Note: The black icon of the person was my connection at the park.

    At any rate, I thought I would share that in case someone was interested in creative brand or domain name exposure to get people to your landing page or website.

    It works turning it on while sipping coffee in a coffee shop too. I know, I've done it. :) People are always checking for free wifi at coffee shops, so it's "In your face" local exposure (Within signal reach, the bigger the crowd, the better the results).

    Have you ever used this creative technique to get more visits to your domains? Maybe at an event that's about the same niche as your domain you used so that it's a targeted audience of potential buyers seeing it?

    Interesting to think about..... I may have to monitor this at a big event with a matching asset. :)

    What's your experience?
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  2. moe

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    I used to use a car sticker but didn't notice much difference but is an interesting way for more exposure, I'm thinking if the tethering connection is free then who ever using it is bound to check the asset out same time.
  3. To clarify, my data is password encrypted/protected, so they can't use the domain name connection, but they can see it in the wifi list to do a direct type-in when they get back online (which is what happened in the logs, above). :)
  4. Added note: I wonder what a WiFi account name coop would look like?

    Basically, people rent out or barter WiFi account names, putting your domain as their WiFi name. If 20, 50, 100, or 1000 people rotated a coop like that, how beneficial for brand exposure would it Be?

    Amazon does it by contracting through Microsoft to have Bing show "Amazon" when no refering keyword displays in analytics, unlike Google, that shows "Not Provided" in analytics.

    Interesting thought anyways.

    Maybe a business model too, for a really good tech.
  5. droned

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    What a Great idea! But what to do if you have hundreds .Coms?
  6. Maybe alternate? Interesting question, which might benefit from an automation app, that extracts a different domain from your portfolio every time you turn it on, automatically.

    Things that make you go, hmmmmmm. 😁
  7. offthehandle

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    Exactly. When I saw your post last night, I thought the same thing but didn't comment. Nice unique guerilla marketing idea really. I tested and it appears that 31 characters are allowed.

    So a "call to action" message could be transmitted to a short nonsense cheap domain which 301's maybe your Zazzle store.

    "Souvenir T-Shirts"

    If you frequent public places- where there are enough people around, you could link to many things to promote commercially.

    The only issue I see is in order to put tethering on (at least my version) you must disable local wifi, so you remove yourself from the benefit of local wifi say in the Coffee shop, which is a reason to be there in the first place, perhaps.

    I enjoy your unique posts of these ideas, glad you are doing them more often.
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  8. NameDeck

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    I've been doing it exactly like you for brand exposure. Even coded an app that runs the hotpot that would require you to visit the domain to accept a TOS for using it. Never though of directing people to domain sales landers though.

    Good stuff, nice thread!
  9. Solution: $25 disposable prepay data phone, just to turn on for this strategy. You never use the data that rolls over every month, so basically, it's a one time $25 investment for life long WiFi list marketing with no recurring charges. 😉
  10. Nice!

    EASYPICKINGS Established Member

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  12. Which part is funny? 😁

    EASYPICKINGS Established Member

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    I love it lol. The thought of doing this in a very populated area, having multiple signals with your names, and forcing the grid down somehow!😂
  14. I wouldn't suggest doing that. It might get the FCC involved if abused in mass like that. Funny to think about, but probably a bad idea to flood.
  15. I did that too :) - As a matter of fact, in the logs above, you can see one entry that was redirected to my lander for However, I have not added monetizing to that page yet. It's being used as an informational funnel that directs the visitors to other resources on the site, some of which, are monetized. Think "sales funnel", but on a smaller and much less traffic volume scale, to help filter visitors and get them to the information they really wanted to see about the lifestyle the asset represents.

    Thanks, I'll be alternating such topics between public discussion forums and the insiders lounge (VIP/Gold Only).
  16. gipson

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    My wifi name. Hineighbour
  17. Do you own the .com, .net, etc.? If so, add the extension to motivate action. If not, maybe try using a domain you own and then check the logs after 60 days of testing to see if its worth exploring more. 😊
  18. mAd MaX

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  19. mAd MaX

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    Thinking of adding "or get Rekt" after "Buy Bitcoin"! 😆
  20. Nahdism

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    This is soooooo cool. Regretting not having to think this myself.
    If this can work with domains, it can also work with local businesses.
    Will discuss this strategy with my friends and family too who runs local businesses.

    Thanks, Eric for sharing this lovely hack. Keep them coming!
  21. Sure, but why not monetize it in a way you can leverage some direct benefits/revenue potential?
  22. mAd MaX

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    Too much money 💵 I have bro...already started to dislike it! 😁
  23. Absolutely, a business should use their domain in the wifi list. There are people next door or in the parking lot waiting for someone to come out of the store looking for a wifi network to use. Bored, they may visit a domain they see in the list, which could lead them to buying lunch there later (after seeing the menu on the site they found in their wifi list in the same shopping center) 😉
  24. kandyan

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    Interesting.. Thanks for sharing Eric.

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