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In this week's Top Topics, you're invited to vote for your favorite domain registrar of the year. Elsewhere, there's a discussion about lease-to-own deals and we talk about meta domains.

Vote For Your Favorite Registrar of the Year

Every year, the community votes on the favorite domain name registrar of the year. Now, the voting has opened to cast 2021’s favorite registrar.

The poll will close on December 31, 2021, when the winner will be announced. As of writing, Dynadot has taken an early lead, followed by NameCheap and Epik. Participants are able to vote for their top three choices.

Topic by: @equity78

Do You Offer Lease to Own? How Successful Are You?

Domain name purchase plans have become more popular as an alternative to selling a name outright. There are many potential benefits to leasing domains including a consistent revenue stream, while end users can start using a leased domain immediately without a potentially sizable initial capital outlay.

This investor wants to know whether you offer your domains on a lease-to-own basis. If you do, how successful has it been for you?

Topic by: @Sheogorath

Don’t Just Register Any Meta Domain

The “meta” keyword has skyrocketed in popularity spurred on by several sales that have caught the eyes of many domainers. A quick look at NameBio will show how favored “meta” domains are at the moment.

However, this discussion contains some sage advice for domain investors looking to buy “meta” domain names. Don’t just register any “meta” domain!

Topic by: @equity78

Have You Ever Thought of Dropping Domaining?

Domain name investing attracts an abundance of people for various reasons. Some are here for the community, some are here purely to make money, and some have made domaining their full-time project.

Have you, though, had any doubts about your role as a domain investor? Have you considered leaving the domaining arena entirely? This discussion was created by a domainer having difficulty deciding whether to stay or go.

Topic by: @oskaay

Which Job Would Want Domainer Experience?

Let's face it, domain name investing is incredibly niche. While the domain industry is a multi-billion dollar machine, domain name investing is still somewhat obscure. Domain investors, though, usually develop a vast skillset.

Could that domainer skillset be transferred into a traditional job role? Here, a domain investor wants to know which jobs would be suitable for someone with domain investing experience.

Topic by: @Allgoodnamesaretaken

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