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In this week’s Top Topics, we receive news that the Yachts.com domain name has sold for a mid-six-figure fee. Elsewhere, there’s a discussion about whether domaining can be described as investing, and we look at domain name trends of the past.

Yachts.com Sells for $600,000

If you acquire a premium domain for a venture that ultimately goes nowhere, at least you have the domain to resell. That was the case for Eric Borgos, who bought Yahcts.com for $350,000 with the aim of developing the domain into a viable business.

When the business didn’t work out, Borgos was able to sell Yachts.com for a $250,000 profit with the help of broker Andrew Miller and domain marketplace Sedo.

Topic by: @URLU

Domaining vs Investing

The terms domaining and domain investing are used to suggest the same thing but should investing and domaining be classed separately? An investor with multiple businesses and offline ventures has been educating themselves on the domain name industry, but they are struggling to define domaining as investing.

According to the investor, you can typically calculate the expected return on investment, but can you do that with domaining? Current domain investors are helping this investor to understand the nuances of domain name investing.

Topic by: @mh231

Domaining Trends, Now and Then

If done correctly, buying domains for a niche that is currently trending, or about to trend, can be beneficial. Take NFT-related domains, meta names, or crypto domains, if purchased at the right time, these resulted in a major return on investment for some.

The nature of trends means that they come and go. This discussion is taking an educational look at past trends with some analysis to make sense of why a certain domaining trend happened.

Topic by: @MadAboutDomains

Can An Extension Shut Down?

There are hundreds of domain name extensions in existence, some popular and some not. Among nTLDs, for example, NTLDStats.com lists .XYZ as the most popular nTLD with more than five million registrations, while .TRUST has only fifty-two, according to NTLDStats.

Here, a domain investor is wondering whether public or private extensions can ever simply shut down. What happens to companies operating on that extension?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

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