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Top Topics: Company Asked Me to Return Domain; I Quit Domaining...

By James Iles, Jun 8, 2018
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    Earlier this week, we asked whether a newspaper called the Patriot Ledger was in the process of selling the domain Today, our suspicions were proven to be true as the domain moved into the possession of cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Ledger. As of writing, is redirecting to

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Company Asked Me to Return Domain

    After registering a brandable domain, this investor received an email from a multi-million dollar company who previously owned the domain name in question before allowing it to expire. This company asked the investor to return the domain to their possession.

    With no active trademarks for the domain, should the investor return the domain? The general consensus from this discussion seems to be that the investor should attempt to sell the name to the company. What would you do?

    Topic by: @hjordis

    My Domains From 2004. What Was I Thinking?

    In the early days of being a domain investor, the majority of domainers do make the mistake of registering some poor names that have very little chance of ever producing a sale. Some of the most successful investors like MediaOptions CEO Andrew Rosener have provided very honest accounts of their first ventures into domain investing.

    Here, a domainer reveals a list of names they registered way back in 2004, which makes for a frank account of an investor's early days. Would you share any of your first domain acquisitions?

    Topic by: @mr-x

    Who Says Long Domains Have No Value?

    In recent years, short domain names have been popular, largely thanks to an active Chinese investment market in which categories such as three-letter .COM's routinely sold for prices in excess of $50,000 each. It may seem to some domainers that longer names have fallen by the wayside.

    The four-figure sale of a fifteen-character name at GoDaddy this week has prompted a long discussion about the value of longer domains. Do they still have a place in 2018?

    Topic by: @Michael M

    I Quit Domaining

    Domain investing isn't for everyone. The patience and knowledge required in finding, acquiring and subsequently selling domain names for a profit isn't a skillset that everyone is willing to learn. Domain investing isn't a get rich quick scheme.

    This discussion started out as a simple post of frustration from an investor who is quitting domaining after making just $100 profit in two years. It resulted in some advice from seasoned domain investors that will be an interesting read for newer domainers.

    Topic by: @Bongs100

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    No business is made for everyone succeed...
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