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Top Topics: The Highest Offer You've Rejected; Can Hand Registered Names Be Flipped?...

By James Iles, Jul 29, 2018
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, domain investors discuss the highest offers that they have rejected, with some revealing that they have previously declined six-figure offers. Elsewhere, a domainer asks for opinions on their portfolio strategy and a new investor asks whether hand registered names can be flipped for a four or five-figure profit within a matter of days.

    What Is the Highest Offer You've Rejected?

    Many investors will receive unsolicited offers on their domain names every so often. If you have a desirable name or a large portfolio, it can be a regular occurrence. Whilst some offers are ultimately acceptable, the majority of offers can fall short of expectations, and therefore will be rejected by the owner.

    Here, an investor has asked people to share the highest ever offers they have rejected, which includes several domainers that have rejected six-figure offers!

    Topic by: @atinc


    Should I Develop Or Sell?

    There is a great amount of advice dispensed by the domaining community on a daily basis, with a majority of investors happy to give their opinions openly. In this instance, a domainer has revealed that a large number of their hand registered names have been purchased with business ideas in mind.

    The investor believes these hand registered names can have a value attached to them if they are developed, but could also produce a return on investment if simply sold. Would you develop or sell?

    Topic by: @Bulloney

    Can Hand Registered Names Be Flipped?

    Domain flipping is the term given to acquiring a name and quickly reselling it for a profit. Usually these names are acquired from other investors, or on the aftermarket. However, in this instance a new investor has asked whether it is possible for a name to be hand registered and subsequently flipped for thousands of dollars within a few days.

    As usual, the community has given their opinion on this matter.

    Topic by: @Maxleron

    I Got My First Sale After 10 Months!

    Ten months ago, this investor started to read about domain names and eventually had the confidence to hand register some names. This week, the investor revealed that they have now produced their first sale after ten months! The name, a crypto related name, was hand registered in October 2017.

    The adrenaline rush of your first sale can create great momentum, which can, in turn, create other opportunities. Congratulations on your first sale!

    Topic by: @DeeJay23

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