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Top Topics: Rick Schwartz Predicts a Collapse; Are Chinese Premiums Falling Like a Rock?

By James Iles, Jun 9, 2017
  1. In this week's edition of Top Topics, we analyse the latest happenings in the Chinese domain market and ask whether Chinese premium names will continue to fall in price. We also hear from the owner of a three-letter .COM domain that has been stolen, and the community discuss Rick Schwartz's latest tweet.

    Are Chinese Premiums Falling Like a Rock?

    If you take a look at recent sales figures, you'll notice that the four-letter .COM domains that we've monikered as Chips have experienced a gradual decrease in value. From the dizzy heights of $2,500 each, these domains have steadily declined in value and are currently selling for around $1,100 each.

    Here, investors discuss the latest prices and ask what the implications are for the future of the niche.

    Topic by: @LarryDomain

    Help! My Domain Has Been Stolen

    A domainer turned to the community for help this week after discovering that their valuable three-letter .COM domain,, had been stolen from their eNom account. According to the domain's owner, the name was transferred to a account and is now locked pending an investigation.

    The news of this theft has made many investors reflect on the security of their own accounts, with some immediately implementing two-factor authentication to help prevent rogue log-in attempts.

    Topic by: @jcc

    What Are Your Sales Figures Like in 2017?

    Have you been experiencing a lull in sales in 2017? According to this discussion, there are several investors who are producing fewer sales than at the same stage last year.

    What have your sales been like so far this year? Join the discussion.

    Topic by: @bazabizo

    Rick Schwartz Predicts a Collapse

    Since legendary domain investor Rick Schwartz took to Twitter many months ago, he has been publishing his opinions on many domaining topics. A recent tweet from Rick regarding new domain extensions has sparked a debate.

    According to Rick, the collapse of new domain extensions is inevitable. Do you agree? This discussion also includes a poll, in which opinion looks to be split.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    Is There a .XYZ Price Drop?

    This week, a domain investor registered the domain name for $211. Previously, the registration price of this name has floated between $2,750 and $3,000. It seems that many other domains including and may also have had their registration prices cut at certain registrars.

    Are these price drops legitimate? Does this signal the start of a drop in registration prices for all premium .XYZ domains?

    Topic by: @New.Life

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