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The domain name NewYork.com was sold for 7 figures, according to DNJournal; What is the best marketplace to sell .it.com domains? The owner of Register.to has passed away; Roulette.com appraises high—why's that? Afternic to implement DNS/TXT record verification soon.

NewYork.com Sold For 7 Figures - DNJournal.com
NewYork.com, a great geo-domain for New York, has been reported as sold for seven figures. The seller was asking for more than $2 million dollars at some point so hopefully the deal closed around that amount.

Topic by @silentg

Best marketplace for .it.com domain
Intis Telecom has been offering .it.com domain names; some prefer to call them "subdomains" and the main benefit is that ICANN cannot regulate them directly. They can be an attractive option for companies in the Information Technology sector. This thread discusses where can domain investors sell them successfully.

Topic by @Leo2k

Register.to owner has died
The owner and operator of Register.to, a reseller of .to domain names, has passed away. It's an unfortunate moment that reminds us all that life is precious and can be short. When a person passes away, their business better be structured so that assets and obligations are transitioned smoothly.

Topic by @VBUtils

Roulette.com - Why appraisals so high?
The domain name Roulette.com appraises in the millions of dollars using three automated tools, Estibot, Nameworth, and Saw. Is it really such a valuable domain name to achieve such high valuation score? Discuss your opinion and read some interesting metrics about similar domain sales.

Topic by @ThatNameGuy

Afternic DNS/TXT Record Verification implemented next week
News of important domain ownership verification updates at Afternic, the popular marketplace operated by GoDaddy, did not arrive from an official source. In a nutshell, TXT records will be used to verify domain ownership. The lack of information about scheduled updates frustrates many customers; this topic involves the discussion of the GoDaddy/Afternic "culture" or lack thereof.

Topic by @M999

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Thanks for a great rundown, @Acroplex, with important information on varied topics.

Sad to hear of passing of owner of register.to. It is unfortunate that, apparently, no transition plans in place, and critical that any with .to domain names at the registrar keep up on this topic as explained in the thread.

I knew Afternic said verification coming soon, until this I had missed that it is apparently coming next week. Good news. I hope it works smoothly.

Have a good week in domaining, everyone.

There has been no announcement about ownership verification on Afternic or specific details of when it may be available. But I can say it is being actively worked on.

When it is released publicly, we will be making official announcements about it across the domain name industry, making sure all sellers know about it.
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