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Top Topics: Is It Possible to Beat DropCatch?; Looks to Have Been Sold...

By James Iles, Jun 22, 2018
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    It has been mentioned several times on Twitter, but another two-letter .COM looks to have been sold very recently. This name,, moved to's concierge account before moving under privacy protection to GoDaddy, which would indicate a sale. It's unclear who bought the name, but it's likely to be a mid-six-figure sale to an investor. Congratulations to all parties involved.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Is It Possible to Beat DropCatch?

    DropCatch is one of the industry's leading services for catching and acquiring pending delete domain names. This company, along with NameJet and several others, process the majority of domains that are caught and purchased by users.

    But is it possible to beat these services to the registration of a domain? Is it a case of having the access to the right software, or is something more required? Many investors are weighing in with their own perspective on this subject.

    Topic by: @Siddharth W

    How Do I Sell

    If you are a new investor, this is a discussion to take notice of. This week, a fairly new domainer asked the community how they could go about selling the domain

    What followed was a stream of valuable information designed to help this newbie, which may apply to other domainers making their first ever purchases or registrations.

    Topic by: @IVELCO

    How Can I Get WHOIS Details?

    Since the GDPR came into effect at the end of May, the majority of WHOIS information has been redacted, which makes it harder to make contact with a domain owner. In this case, an investor is interested in acquiring a domain, but the WHOIS information isn't available.

    To make it worse, the domain's landing page holds no contact information. How would you recommend making contact in this situation?

    Topic by: @ro5hit

    Time For a Break?

    For many, domain investing is a hobby that takes up a significant amount of their spare time. It can become addictive, especially when you're making some money from domain sales. But is it ever beneficial to take a break from domaining?

    This discussion wants to establish whether it could ever be a good idea to take a complete break from the industry in order to get a fresh perspective or to break with routine.

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

    Poll: Are You Less Likely to Buy a Domain That's Under 1 Year Old?

    Does the age of a domain name really matter? After noticing many recently registered domains in a popular marketplace, this investor decided to poll the community to gauge opinion on the value of domains in correlation to their age.

    Quite simply, does a domain's age put you off buying it, or is it all down to the name's other characteristics such as length, keywords or relevance?

    Topic by: @Daniel Owens

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    Nice tips James. Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for sharing
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    This works as a great advice, Thank You!
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