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Top Topics: How Much Will Sell For?; Targets for 2018?...

By James Iles, Dec 22, 2017
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    In this week's Top Topics we ask how much will sell for, we discuss domain landing pages and we look forward to 2018 by discussing targets for the upcoming year. If you celebrate Christmas, we hope that you have an excellent festive period. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then there are likely to be some bargain buys to be had within expired domain auctions.

    How Much Will Sell For?

    This week, Verisign announced that the US Department of Justice has approved Verisign’s idea to auction off the single-letter domain According to @DomainIncite, Verisign would receive just $7.85 for the sale of while the auction price would go to good causes.

    How much will sell for? In this discussion, investors are discussing the possible sales price for the domain. The only single-letter .COM domain sale we have data for is that of in 2014 for around $6.8 million. Will beat that?

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    Your Targets for 2018

    With 2018 almost upon us, it's an opportune time to reflect on 2017 and plan ahead for 2018. In a recent blog post, we asked if you had achieved your domaining goals for 2017, but this discussion moves beyond that and asks the community to share their targets are for 2018.

    So far, domainers have revealed their sales goals for 2018. What are your targets for 2018?

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    What's the Best Landing Page for a Domain?

    Customisable landing pages for domain names are often used by domain investors to advertise the fact that their name is for sale, which may lead to an improved rate of inquiries. Here, a domainer has asked for recommendations for great landing pages.

    Services such as Efty and Undeveloped have received recommendations, as have customisable HTML and WordPress templates.

    Topic by: @Isac

    Can a New TLD Domain Become Premium After Registration?

    Many new domain extensions (New gTLD's) have varying prices and renewal fees depending on the name in question. Renewal prices are usually made clear upon registration, but can a domain in a new extension be reclassed as "premium" after the domain is registered?

    This reclassification may impact upon future renewal prices and may sway the owner's decision to keep the name.

    Topic by: @brianbrytus

    Turning Down a $75,000 Offer

    Domain industry blogger and president of Top Notch Domains LLC, Elliot Silver (@EJS), revealed that he turned down a $75,000 offer for one of his company’s one-word domains.

    The offer, which came in via a Sedo broker, was for Was rejecting this offer a good or bad move? Domainers are having their say on this, with many saying that they would have accepted the offer, whilst others expect the name to sell for much more based on previous sales of similar domains.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

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    Thank You for great info !
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    lots to think about for the upcoming year thanks for the briefing
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    Thanks for this valuable review.

    Merry Christmas and cheers
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    If the company wanting to buy it is overstock etc allegedly the company? Have a large portfolio of cryptocurrency which should significantly increase in value sooner rather than later so I doubt any price would be a problem for such a quality L.Com
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    36 can be sell for what it worth.
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    -- nice talk about domain names
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    Thanks for the write up...
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