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In this week’s Top Topics, a featured poll asks how many domain sales you’ve had recently. Elsewhere, a six-figure .XYZ sale is reported, and an experienced domain name investor has some advice for new domainers.

How Many Sales Have You Had?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that domain sales volume may have slowed down recently. The summer is often a slow season for domain name sales, but some investors have reported a lower sales volume than usual.

Here, a featured poll asks you to share how many sales you have had over the past thirty days. As of writing, over 50% of respondents have had zero sales.

Topic by: @twiki

A $129,888 .XYZ Sale is Announced

The .XYZ extension has arguably been the break-out star of alternative TLDs in the past year, largely led by Swetha Yenugula’s consistent and impressive one-word .XYZ sales.

This week, Swetha sold her third .XYZ domain for $100,000 or more. According to available details, the domain Byte.xyz sold for $129,888 via domain marketplace Afternic.

Topic by: @Robbie

Advice for Newbies: Part 6

In the past, we’ve featured various pieces of advice from experienced domain investor @johnn aimed at new investors. These pieces of advice range from reality checks to practical tips for buying and selling domains.

In this latest discussion, @johnn shares plenty of guidance for new investors, including advice on trademark terms, marketplace listings, and time management.

Topic by: @johnn

You’re Underselling Your Domain Names

Do you undersell your domain names? This investor believes that you might do. According to the discussion, many domainers don’t allow their domain names to speak for themselves.

According to this investor, you should allow your domain names to reach their full potential by researching possible buyers, pricing domains accordingly, and waiting for them to come to you.

Topic by: @Lox

Have You Had Any Repeat Retail Buyers?

The domain name industry thrives and survives on end-user, retail sales. Whether those end users are multinational corporations or hopeful entrepreneurs, the industry relies on end-user sales.

Often, those end users buy one domain name for a specific project or business, but have you ever encountered repeat retail buyers?

Topic by: @KTC

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Sales of late have been very slow. The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 were very good.


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Sweet. First time getting a mention!

Outside of that, I was definitely hoping that more would have chimed in a bit when it comes to repeat buyers, but it's looking like it's mostly a one and done deal. Maybe if I personally dived specifically into a certain niche or had a larger portfolio, it might be a different story.

The Durfer

Wesley SweatmanTop Contributor
I haven't had any sales yet!! But will not quit the game. I getting through.
hang in there, i didnt have any except for 4Ls.com til about 2 years in.