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One of the most popular series on this blog has been the Inside Interview series in which we speak to end users to discover why the acquired a specific domain name. We are currently looking for suggestions as to who we should include in upcoming editions of our series. If you have any suggestions for the Inside Interview series, please contact me.

Here are this week's Top Topics.

The Power of Social Media

Social network such as Twitter and Facebook can be useful tools to promote your brand, but how effective are the platforms for selling domain names? Here, a domain investor is asking other domainers to post their experiences of selling or advertising their domains via social media.

Some of the responses to the original question are interesting and thought-provoking. Should more investors advertise their domain names via social media?

Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

The Implications Of Quickly Accepting Low Offers

After receiving a domain inquiry from a broker several months ago. As many of us would, this domainer responded with an asking price. The broker responded with a significantly lower offer, and the domain investor accepted, citing their need to create cash flow.

However, the domainer hasn't had any further response from the broker, which leads to the question: did accepting a much lower offer contribute to a lost sale?

Topic by: @Jman92

How Do You Respond to High Offers?

The subject of low ball offers has been covered extensively, with many investors sharing their experiences of receiving $10, $5 or even $1 offers.

But what happens if you receive an opening offer that is far higher than your expected sales price? Would you counter with an even higher offer, or would you accept the initial offer to avoid the possibility of losing a sale?

Topic by: @garptrader

Who Should I Contact?

When performing outbound sales, it's difficult to know exactly who to contact to showcase your domain. Do you contact the CEO, a webmaster or a marketing manager?

It seems that the choice of who you contact may be determined by the size of the company in question. If you perform outbound sales, who do you contact as a general rule?

Topic by: @jideofor

First.com Sold for Over $200,000

This week, domain investor George Kirikos discovered a previously unreported six-figure sale. According to the information that George published in this discussion, the domain name First.com sold for a fee totaling $200,000 plus brokerage fees.

According to DomainIQ, First.com was acquired by a domain investor from China. The general consensus is that First.com's price was fairly low. Do you agree?

Topic by: @GeorgeK

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