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In this week's Top Topics, we look at Disney's use of the Go.com domain name, and we discuss illiquidity in domain names during an economic downturn. Elsewhere, investors comment on a rebrand, and have you noticed a large increase in sales recently?

Disney Uses Go.com, But for How Much Longer?

Media giant Disney has owned the ultra-premium Go.com domain name since the company acquired search engine Infoseek in the 90s. This valuable domain has been used by Disney as a single sign-on service, but for how much longer?

A domain investor has noticed this week that the company has been migrating its services away from the Go.com domain towards individual domains for its various entities. How long until the Go.com domain is completely removed from Disney’s operation?

Topic by: @Crock

Have You Noticed a Large Increase in Sales?

The domain name market for investors has largely slowed down in the past few months. Pressures of world and economic events coupled with the summer season resulted in a real decline for domainers.

One investor has reported an uptick in sales over the past month, however, calling it a substantial increase in deals closed from their 4,000+ portfolio of domain names. Have you noticed an uptick in sales?

Topic by: @clarkemarketing

Domains Aren’t Liquid in Bad Times

As we mentioned above, the world is going through some tough times at the moment. Energy price rises, inflation, and other pressures mean that the economy in many countries is suffering. One of the largest domain markets, the US, is one such country.

The downturn can mean that domain name sales slow down, but this could be an issue for investors that need to produce regular sales to sustain their portfolios. One of the potential problems with domains as an investment is that they tend to be illiquid, especially in a downturn. Here, domainers discuss illiquidity and potential ways to circumnavigate it.

Topic by: @Robert27

Corel Rebrands as Alludo - A Mistake? Domainers Think So

Global technology company Corel has announced that it is rebranding to Alludo, moving its corporate site from Corel.com to Alludo.com in the process. The software brand, founded in 1985, has had 2.5 million paying customers in the last year, but its executives felt it was time for a name change.

The move hasn’t gone well with the community of domain investors, with plenty of investors suggesting this is something of a downgrade for the company. Do you agree? Would you prefer Corel.com or Alludo.com as a brand’s domain?

Topic by: @Lox

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An uptick in sales would be nice, but definitely haven't been seeing that. Thanks for the topic summaries.
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Not an uptick in sales yet, but an uptick in inquires and traffic in last 30 days or so