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Welcome to a fresh edition of Top Topics here at NamePros. This week:

Former domain owner insults the seller who made an outbound pitch; GoDaddy to lay off 8% of its global workforce; Google rolls out Bard in response to ChatGPT; Should you attempt to sell a better domain to a company than the one they use currently? Do domains with lots of views sell faster on marketplaces?

Former domain owner insults me and refutes my ownership
The registrant of Millard.com sent out emails to potential buyers. One of them appears to be the previous owner who somehow believed the domain is in their possession still; he called the domain investor "an idiot." What would you have said in response?

Topic by @McJilton

GoDaddy to lay off 8% of its global workforce
A week before releasing its Q4/2022 reports and fiscal 2022 earnings, GoDaddy announced that 8% of its workforce—approximately 530 employees—will be losing their jobs. The benefits are good though; find out what the GoDaddy CEO said and what domain investors think about this unexpected move.

Topic by @Acroplex

Bard will be Google’s answer to ChatGPT
It's the battle of the AI online chat bots! In response to Microsoft's extended collaboration with OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google rolled out its own version, Bard. The launch was a bit problematic and it cost Google a pretty penny. Find out what happened.

Topic by @equity78

Should I try to sell this domain to a company using an inferior version?
A domain investor believes that his domain is a better suit for a company; his is 3 letters shorter as the prefix "the" is not included. Would the company rebrand, or acquire the domain to use along with its current one? Domain investors pitch in their ideas on the matter.

Topic by @sellian

Is there any correlation between the number of views a domain listing gets and how quickly it sells?
Domain names listed on various marketplaces receive statistical information about the visitors. Should the number of visitors be used as an indication of how quickly such a high-traffic domain name would sell? NamePros domain investors discuss what is the best strategy.

Topic by @padawan

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