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Top Topics: Domain Age Is a Myth; The Great VR Drop?...

By James Iles, Jan 5, 2018
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    In the first Top Topics of 2018, we discover why one domain investor thinks that any correlation between a domain's age and its value is a myth. We also read a report of a domainer making a $500 profit within minutes of reaching out to an end user. And finally, is the virtual reality (VR) domain space going to be as active in 2018?

    The Great VR Drop?

    One of the more popular domain trends from the past couple of years is virtual reality. Sales such as VRVR.com for $40,000 and VRRewards.com for $15,000 have strengthened the belief in this niche, but will that belief carry on into 2018?

    Here, a domainer has shared their plans to drop a number of virtual reality domains. Is this something that many other investors are also planning to do?

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    Domain Age Is a Myth

    Does a domain's age directly affect a name's value? In the past, an older domain name could mean a higher search engine ranking but since search algorithms have become more advanced, older names have lost their SEO value.

    In this discussion, an investor argues that a name should be sold on its merit alone as end users rarely care about a domain's age and other factors. Do you agree?

    Topic by: @Isac

    How Much is CIA.com Worth?

    This week, the original owner of the domain name CIA.com asked the wider community for opinions on how much the domain is worth. Having owned the name since 1994, the domain holder revealed that they turned down several offers in the past, including at least one seven-figure offer.

    How much do you think this three-letter .COM is worth? Does the fact that the CIA acronym is so synonymous with the Central Intelligence Agency mean its value is likely to be reduced?

    Topic by: @Thruster

    I Made $500 in 10 Minutes

    On December 5th, this domain investor registered a two-word domain name. After only a day of performing outbound sales they had a deal in place for $500, which concluded in just ten minutes.

    The domain in question, which is mentioned in the discussion, contains a trademarked term and domainers were quick to remind the investor of the possible perils of registering such domains.

    Topic by: @Bikini Tara

    My Decade As a Domain Investor

    The domain industry is a tough place to succeed, with relatively few investors lasting more than a couple of years before moving onto something else.

    When an investor has been a part of the industry for over a decade, they usually have some wisdom to share. Here, @Dave shares his experiences as a domain investor while highlighting old discussions, key moments, and advice for newer investors.

    Topic by: @Dave

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    i have 19 years old domain InternetDomainNames.net cant sell it even for $20 lol
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    I completely agree with that. Domain age used to be a big thing in the past that directly affect a name's value but after the recent Google algo change, investors are not giving more importance to it. I have a domain name that is 18 years old but no one is ready to pay me even $500 for the same but for my another domain name which is hardly 1 year old, a company has offered me $1000 for the domain.