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Top Topics: Are All One-Word .COM's Good Investments?; How Do You Stay Focused?...

By James Iles, Nov 15, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, there's a warning for domain investors to check their Network Solutions domains, and are all one-word .COM's good investments? Elsewhere, someone asks for advice on how to stay focused as a domain investor, and is outbound marketing just spam?

    Check Your NSI Names

    Have you won any domain name auctions for names registered at Network Solutions? This week, Elliot Silver, publisher of, noticed a problem with one of his Network Solutions auction wins. The domain was using Network Solutions’ default nameservers.

    Thinking this was his oversight, Elliot tried to update the nameservers only to be met with an error message indicating the name had expired, despite a June 2021 expiry date.

    This discussion, almost a public service announcement, prompts other domain investors with auction-won domains at Network Solutions to check their inventory to see whether they also have this problem. It seems many do.

    Topic by: @EJS

    Are All One-Word .COM’s Good Investments?

    If you check NameBio for single-word dictionary .COM sales, you’ll see thousands of names that have sold for anywhere from four-figures to eight-figures a piece. Based on this data alone, the assumption might be that all one-word .COM domains are valuable and are therefore good investments.

    Is that the case? This investor wants to know. Based on responses so far, the answer certainly sems to be “It Depends.” What do you think?

    Topic by: @gold lover

    How Do You Stay Focused With Domaining?

    For many, the lure of domain name investing is the fact that you have no boss. It’s a solo venture that you have full control over. The downside of that is losing focus and motivation if things aren’t going well for you.

    Here, an investor shares that they haven’t achieved a sale in three months. It’s affecting their focus and motivation. Do you have any tips of your own that would help this domainer get back on track?

    Topic by: @Bipul

    Is Outbound Marketing Spam?

    This is quite a discussion with strong views all round. Outbound marketing for domains, when done properly can be an effective means of creating cash flow for your domain portfolio. The emphasis here is on the words “when done properly.”

    A debate has arisen over whether outbound marketing is always spam. Untargeted, mass emails are never compliant with spam laws, but are targeted emails also spam in your eyes? Have your say in this discussion.

    Topic by: @equity78

    My Biggest Mistake Ever

    How often do you see domain investors admit their failings when it comes to their domain acquisitions and plans? Here, a domainer shares their acquisition of a premium .LA domain on the aftermarket with big plans to make it into something significant.

    Unfortunately, their plans were ultimately too big, as the investor shares a candid confession about their inability to fulfill the project. Other domainers have, naturally, weighed in with opinions and advice on how the investor might proceed.

    Topic by: @TheBaldOne

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