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Top Topics: A Update; I Sold

By James Iles, Mar 10, 2019
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    We have been following the progress of the domain name after reporting on a transaction involving the domain recently. This week, the name has started to resolve to ZenSourcer, a talent CRM co-founded by Nick Bushak, a former Facebook employee. Will ZenSourcer be rebranding as Gem?

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Sold Playground.TV

    If you take a look at historical sales of one-word .TV domain names, you'll notice that the average sales price is around $4,300 with a sweet spot for sales in the low four-figure range. This week, an investor revealed that they sold the domain name for $3,000. The sale took place at Uniregistry, but little else is known about the sale.

    Another investor revealed a similarly-priced .TV sale this week, too. The domain sold for $2,500 via the Afternic platform. Congratulations to both sellers!

    Topic by: @Ammudamus

    Just Closed My First Outbound Sale

    Last week, the NamePros Blog published the third of a four-part series on outbound domain sales, with advice from leading domain broker @Mike Robertson. Mike has sold domain names such as for $1 million.

    In this discussion, an investor has shared their experience of outbound sale, which produced an extra $850 for this domainer, proving that a proactive approach can produce results.

    Topic by: @dande

    March's Hand Registration Contest

    In February, domainer @Want2learn created the concept of a hand registration contest with a prize for the best domain name registered in February 2019. Many investors were eager for the return of this competition, so @BrandCougar has created another contest for March 2019 with a $25 prize for the best name registered.

    The winner will be chosen in a poll at the end of the month.

    Topic by: @BrandCougar

    What's Your Fondest Domaining Memory?

    This engaging question posed by @Arpit131 is one that has rarely been asked before but judging by the responses, it's a question that evokes some fascinating stories.

    What is your fondest domaining memory? For some, it's a particular sale, and for others, it may be the acquisition of a great name. Personally, my fondest domaining memory is meeting so many investors at NamesCon 2019!

    Topic by: @Arpit131

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    Thanks @James Iles for sharing, especially for including my thread :xf.grin:

    Namepros is the best domain community in the world. No competition, not even close

    The treasure troves of education here has changed lives, and will continue to do so
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    Thank uuu
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