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Top Topics: A $16,000 Declined Offer; How to Register Good Domain Names...

By James Iles, Jan 5, 2020
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    In the first Top Topics of the new decade, we feature a discussion in which domain investors are asked to share the offers they have received so far in 2020. This includes a $16,000 opening offer for a "chain" domain name. Elsewhere, a domainer shares their 2019 review and we take a look at how to hand-register domain names with resale value.

    Share Your First Offers of 2020

    January can be a fairly profitable month for domain investors, with budding entrepreneurs willing to spend money on the right domain name as a base for a new business idea. Doron Vermaat, the founder of domain portfolio management company Efty, has asked investors to share any offers or inquiries that they have received so far in January.

    This discussion is an interesting read with many domainers posting four-figure offers that they have received and either countered or declined. There is also a $16,000 opening offer for a "chain" domain name.

    Topic by: @Doron Vermaat

    Domaining in 2019

    Aside from being a profitable month, January can also be the perfect time to reflect on the previous year. For this investor, 2019 seems to have been an incredibly healthy year as details of the domainer's income from domain investing are published.

    Despite total revenue in the six-figure range, including $45,000 in sales via, the investor is keen to look forward to 2020 with five clear goals for the year.

    Topic by: @rohitgoyal

    The Do's and Don'ts of Domaining

    What are the rules of domaining? It's difficult to set out specific rules since there are so many possible ways to create income from the domain name industry. However, if you're struggling to make a profit, a list of do's and don'ts can be very helpful.

    That's just what is featured in this discussion. An investor has compiled five "do's" and five "don'ts" of domaining for anyone to reference. Other domainers have also added their own opinions for further reading.

    Topic by: @infosec3

    Domain Leasing Risks

    Domain name leasing can be a lucrative means of producing income from a domain name without actually having to sell your name in the short-term. Yet, as with most things, there are some downsides and concerns that have to be taken into consideration.

    Here, an investor is asking for advice on domain name leasing after receiving an offer on a category-defining domain. The issues the investor has are based around seller protection.

    Topic by: @targetpro

    How to Register Good Domains

    Hand-registering domain names for eventual resale can be a profitable means of investing in domains with low capital. However, investing in hand-registered domains is only profitable if you know what you are doing.

    In this discussion, a domain investor has shared their tips for hand-registering domain names for resale, using creativity to produce purchase ideas.

    Topic by: @oldtimer

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    I want to add a new domain on my website please help me. please suggest me what can I do.

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    thank for info, seems offers via other platforms, not NP, seems this NP is for resell offers only?
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