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Top Topics: 21 Tips for Selecting .COM Domains; When Did Your First Sale Happen?...

By James Iles, Mar 7, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we discuss whether random four-letter .COM domains were worth the renewal costs, and a domainer shares twenty-one tips for selecting investment-worthy .COM domains. Elsewhere, a new investor wants to know how long your first ever domain sale took to occur, and NamePros' CTO has a public service announcement.

    Are Random 4 Letter Domains Worth the Renewal Costs?

    Four-letter .COM domain names have had quite a journey. From typically trading in the two-figure range to selling for $2,000 a piece during the Chinese boom in 2015, there has been a lot of money to be made in four-letter .COM's, regardless of the combination of letters.

    If you look at a random four-letter .COM's creation date, the chances are that it will show the name is at least 10-15 years old. Why have four-letter .COM domains with no real meaning been renewed year after year? That's the question that is being asked here.

    Topic by: @Akhilesh.Kumar

    21 Tips for Selecting .COM Domains

    New domain investors are typically advised to stick with .COM domains rather than speculating in alternative extensions, but how do you know that the .COM that you're looking to register or acquire is worth anything?

    Here, a domain investor has compiled twenty-one tips for selecting investment-worthy .COM domain names. These tips cover everything from where you should acquire names to the recommended sales venues. Do you agree with the advice offered?

    Topic by: @twiki

    My Biggest Surprise in Domaining

    This investor has been part of the industry for the past seventeen years. In that time, a lot has happened and many people and services have entered and subsequently exited the domain name industry. Surely, after all that time, very little can surprise you?

    It turns out that there is something. This domainer is surprised that domain name leasing isn't more prevalent. In other industries such as real estate, leasing is common, but in the realm of digital real estate, many marketplaces still do not offer lease options. Some leasing services are available, but why hasn't domain name leasing been more widespread before now?

    Topic by: @TheBaldOne

    When Did Your First Sale Happen?

    There are very few of us who enter the industry without the goal of making money. The most obvious means of generating income with domain names is through domain name sales, but it can be tricky to create sales opportunities at the beginning.

    Some domain name investors give up before their first sale, but this discussion might be a useful motivational tool to help new investors waiting for their first sale. Here, domainers are asked to share how long it took to make their first sale. So far, answers range from three months to a year.

    Topic by: @Domainer Sid

    PSA: If You Use the Same Password on Multiple Websites, Change It Now

    Paul Buonopane, NamePros' CTO, has issued a public service announcement prompting domain investors to change passwords if it is used on multiple websites. This comes after Paul started to observe aggressive credential stuffing attacks.

    In this article, Paul goes in to detail about why he has issued this public service announcement, but the sentiment is clear. If you use the same password on multiple websites, change it now.

    Topic by: @Paul

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    Important set of topics. Thanks @James Iles
    I actually had not noticed 3 of these threads, so off to check them out now.
    Great service to do this weekly.
    Thanks to all who start worthwhile threads on NamePros.
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    Thanks, very nice topics.
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    WOW! Privileged to have my thread on the list. Thanks James.
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    Thank you for the top topics.
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    Insightful topics
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