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Top Topics: $2 Domain Sold for $2,000; What's The Best Name You Sold This Year?...

By James Iles, Dec 29, 2017
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    While many domain investors have taken time off over Christmas to celebrate the festive period with friends and families, @Mike Mann is still closing deals before the year ends. Yesterday, Mike announced his most recent sale via Twitter. The domain,, was acquired by Mike's company in April 2017 for $215. In just over eight months, Mike sold the name for $5,000. Currently, the buyer is unknown.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    A $2 Domain Sells for $2,000

    After registering a two-word domain name for just $2, this new investor managed to sell the name for $2,000 via outbound marketing. The domain, revealed in this discussion along with many other details of the sale, was pitched to eight end users with one showing interest.

    A couple of rounds of negotiation later and the domainer landed their first ever four-figure sale.

    Topic by: @Rinkuji

    What's The Difference Between a Good Domain and a Bad Domain?

    One of the most common pieces of advice for a domain investor is to find and acquire a good domain name. But how can you define a good domain name and how does a good name differentiate from a bad one? Does end user value and demand dictate the value of a domain?

    As you might expect, this question has sparked an interesting debate. How would you define a good name?

    Topic by: @xynames

    Almost a Decade In Domaining

    After receiving several questions regarding trading strategy, this domain investor decided to publish an in-depth look at his journey as a domainer. This is one of the most detailed and candid stories of a domainer's career that you are likely to come across. If you are a new domain investor or are in need of some guidance, this article may be exactly what you need to find inspiration and motivation for 2018.

    Topic by: @Nikul Sanghvi

    What Do You Call Yourself?

    Here's a fun discussion for you. After receiving a $50 offer from a potential buyer, this domainer responded with a $2,500 asking price. What followed was a diatribe against domain investors in which resulted in the potential buyer saying:
    The domainer liked the hotshot phrase, but what do you call yourself? When you describe yourself to someone, are you a domain investor, are you a digital entrepreneur or are you something else?

    Topic by: @Haris

    What Is the Best Domain You've Sold This Year?

    With 2017 drawing to a close, it's an opportune time to take stock of your year as a domain investor. Here, domainers are being encouraged to disclose the best domain name, along with the price, that they have sold this year.

    There are some interesting sales that have been disclosed here.

    Topic by: @elevator

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  6. elevator

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    Thanks for adding my thread. I just felt people would like to reveal their sold names, at least one each.
  7. James Iles

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    I’ve just added my own
  8. NameVisual

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    I sold Changed.World for $600. I registered it for $1.88.
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