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Here are seven tools not covered previously in the NamePros Blog, at least not as described in this article. For example, these tools can help you find all combinations of a couple of terms in domain names for sale, or find the domain ages for a list of domains in one pass.

Domain research tools have been covered several times in the past on the NamePros Blog including:Some of the most popular tools are NameBio, ExpiredDomains, Dofo, DotDB, OpenCorporates, HosterStats, various trademark search sites, and the WaybackMachine. All of those, and and many others, are covered in the articles listed above.

Let’s look at some tools that were not mentioned in those articles, or that were mentioned, but with new suggestions for how they can be used.

Bulk Domain Age Tool

While any Whois provides an easy way to check the creation and expiry dates for a domain name, what if you want to quickly find the ages of a list of domain names? Enter the free WebFX Domain Age Checker. Simply paste the domain names, one per line, click Check, confirm you are not a bot, and the results will be presented with the age in years, months and days for each name.

Check TXT Records

Marketplaces like Dan and Sedo use TXT Record authentication to prove control of the name you are listing. You simply enter your specific ownership TXT record(s) at your registrar. But sometimes the verification fails, and it is not always clear whether the issue is at your registrar or at the marketplace. Enter the free MXToolbox DNS Text Lookup. Simply enter the domain name, and press the TXT Lookup button.

Searching Domains With Multiple Word Combinations

For both acquisition decisions and pricing, it is good to know what similar names are listed for sale. Let’s say I am interested in the terms Window and Smart. A trick I discovered by accident is that if you go to the Dofo search box and enter the terms with a comma between them, for example window,smart it will show you all domain names listed for sale with any combinations of the terms, in any order, and including longer forms such as plurals, and with additional words added. Plus you have pricing information for the domain names right there.

Check The Backlinks

There are numerous paid and free options for checking backlinks to a domain name. One of the best, and free for limited use, is the Ahrefs Backlink Checker. Just enter the domain name, and press the Check Backlinks button. You will need to sign up for an account to get the entire record, but can get the Domain Rating, number of backlinks, including the fraction that dofollow, and the number of linking websites, all on the free option.

Mail Blacklists Check

For names that have been used before, one check is whether the domain name is on any Email blacklists. The MXToolbox Blacklists tool makes this a breeze, checking a large number of different blacklists all in a single pass.

Google Search Tips

Most domainers are familiar with the majority of the Google search alternatives, such as a search in quotation marks to find occurrences of an exact phrase, or use of the site: command to refine your search to a certain TLD or website.

But there are a number of other options covered at Google Search Help, such as:
  • Use OR between terms to combine searches.
  • Use to find information similar to that at the website
  • Put a - in front of a term to exclude that term from the search.
  • Use # when searching hashtags and @ when searching social media.

I covered OpenAI ChatGPT recently in NamePros Blog, but there are so many ways it could be used. I think it will rapidly become a tool used by domain investors. Here are a few possible ways you might use it.
  • If you want it to write a description for a domain name, simply ask it to do so, including any conditions. Note that it requests attribution for the description if you are using it publicly.
  • It can be a great help writing the justification for owning a quality domain name, as we saw in the interview with the OpenAI ChatGPT. This can be helpful for your domain sales site.
  • One nice feature for a domain marketplace site is a list of FAQs, and ChatGPT can help. As with any application, be sure to review the content before posting.
  • Have a problem in HTML? Simply ask it to write the code for you.
  • Apparently it can be helpful at optimizing code and various other technical issues.
  • Looking for a new outbound email template? Why not see what ChatGPT comes up with?
  • Someone has asked for more information on one of your names. Let ChatGPT start the task of compiling a persuasive email.
There are many other possibilities. Remember that ChatGPT is far from perfect, as impressive as it is, and make sure to evaluate and customize anything it writes.

There is a long GitHub list of types of prompts and uses. While only a few of these are directly related to domains, reading the list may give ideas that are helpful.

And For Still More Tools

Go to the thread started by @Silentptnr: I Use This Tool, to find many other tools, see how other domainers use them, and to add your own suggestions.

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Fantastic Article ! Pretty much useful. I'm back after a long time and its great to know the fresh stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Great article rite here at christmas. ty Mr. Bob. :)
Thanks Bob,

The Dofo search box one is really interesting!
Thanks @Bob Hawkes

Even though it's not directly related to domain names, I'd add an utility like Strong Password Generator in order to create secure passwords and make one's domain accounts safer. Unfortunately good cybersecurity habits are often ignored.
Bob, thanks much for always providing us with such valuable information... deeply appreciated!
Thanks for the great collection of tools and the tips
Fantastic Article ! Pretty much useful! Thank you Bob!
That's great to see ChatGPT being discussed. I've been prompting these types of machines for a while. It is absolutely stunning where the world is headed. I also do a lot of ai/ml animation and video. Most of my domains are related such as and or Training and fine tuning models can make for very compelling automation and teaching. There is also an open source version being developed at LAION called Open-Assistant. That will be wonderful!

Prompting and fine tuning models is really an art form in many ways. I'll go ahead and throw my 2 cents in the ring and guess this will be a wild year for AI/ML related web experiences and domains of course. Master of the obvious over here.
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