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Domain Name Sales Soar in First Half of 2021

By Bob Hawkes, Jul 8, 2021
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    Thanks so much for clarification, and sorry for misinterpreting your earlier comment.

    I totally agree with this point that some niches and extensions can work well for certain investors, but not for many others. That is particularly true when one ventures outside the 3 major legacy TLDs.

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  2. Robin A.

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    Thanks a lot for the info. These are some impressive numbers and quite surprising to me. Never figured sales would actually increase due to the current economic situation of many people and businesses.
  3. PhilTheChill

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    Wow ! Useful infos! Thank you Bob !
  4. Devvrat123

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    The really Fascinating data is the sale of .Co and .io which increased dramatically in 2021.
  5. sevamaster

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    Thank you Bob!

    Just a question: As I see from NameBio reports, that most of sales are from GoDaddy, DropCatch, NameJet and BuyDomains platforms.

    But as I see here (in NP), many domainers sell via Afternic, Sedo, SnapNames, Epik, Flippa and so on.
    What is wrong with it?
    Does NameBio use data from all auction platforms, or only from mentioned above?
  6. Bob Hawkes

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    NameBio is a wonderful resource, but one must be careful if trying to use it to see which venues produce most sales. They can only record what is reported to them, or is publicly posted and they can take from the public feed. So the auction results from GoDaddy, DropCatch, NameJet, and some others like Sav, Dynadot are in the database. Sedo report sales of $2000+ only, so no doubt there are lots of sales below that at Sedo not being recorded. I think the public Sedo auctions get included even below that. Afternic used to report sales, but stopped doing so in I think it was 2015. That is why you see lots of Afternic in the old years, but not recently. There are a few, where the seller (or buyer) reported them individually. Epik only get reported if the seller or buyer do, not Epik itself. Dan now have an opt in, so some sales can get reported, but it seems that most are not opting in, so most Dan sales are not in NameBio. For BuyDomains they get the ones reported on the public feed, which is I think most, but it seems they have some names priced lower than they ever report sales, so I suspect the lower price sales are not publicly reported. Brandable marketplace sales are also not reported in general. There is no doubt that the wholesale sales are more completely reported than the retail sales.

    @Michael wrote a detailed listing of what is in and what is not a few years ago. There have been some additions since then, such as Sav, but most of it should still be accurate.

    Thanks for the question.


    PS anyone can individually report any sale, and the more who do, the better the resource will become. The form to do so is at this link:
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  7. otismo

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    now i m REAL excited !

    Thank You !
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