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Behind the scenes, there are numerous seven-figure sales that occur without public attention due to various non-disclosure agreements (NDA's). However, in this case, we're able to disclose the news of the largest domain sale of the year by far. The domain name in question is and the sales price was a cool $3.5 million, a price that was agreed upon within forty-eight hours of a brokerage agreement being signed!

The domain name was previously owned by Glimmer, a company that works with e-commerce and vertical SaaS organizations. Matt Wilkinson of Glimmer told us: "We are about to make some major moves in the jewelry category, and we saw the domain, plus the value created around it, as a reinvestment opportunity."

On May 24th, @Brian Harbin of GritBrokerage started negotiations to represent Glimmer in the sale of Brian, who is also Director of Sales at NamePros, told us: "It took us a month of back and forth on negotiating our exclusive agreement as there were quite a few exclusions we faced in selling the domain. However, we finalized everything on June 26th as the official start of our exclusive. We had a full price offer of $3.5 million in less than 48 hours, and we were closed out through in under two weeks."

The perfect sale happened after a connection with David Clements (@davidclements) of Brannan's, who was given permission to reach out to two parties, one of which agreed to pay the asking price. At this time, the buyer's identity is unknown, but we have been assured that they have plans to use the name, and so their identity will become clear in future.

While the buyer's identity is unknown, we can speculate. There are a couple of obvious potential end-users including the Intercontinental Exchange (, the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange. Elsewhere, a company called Ice Energy ( has recently raised an additional $40 million in funding, so they could be looking to upgrade their name.

The sale of will rank as DNJournal's largest sale of the year. beats the previous leader,, which sold for $1.2 million in March, 2018. The sale will also rank as the seventh largest sale of the last five years, according to NameBio, beating the 2014 sale of Another interesting statistic is that is the third largest three-letter .COM domain sale in public history, beaten only by the two sales of in 2005 and 2010.

Congratulations to all parties on this sale!

Update on Jul 18, 2018: is redirecting to Intercontinental Exchange's domain name.
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