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Hi All,

For motivational and educational reasons i would like to make a collection down here of your success story. Please share the positives of being a domainer. Thanks!
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i think folks learn more from failure stories, which may help them be more successful or at least prevent them from making the same mistakes as others.

so, here goes:

i regged a couple of .online names , a .club and a few .xyz names and haven't sold a single one

now it's time for renewal and i've already let one expire.

on the other hand, i regged a couple of .com typo's and already made enough from ppc to pay their renewal fee.

Good Luck with your choices!

I rarely do active marketing. My first sale was passive one which was long .org domain...you can find that one in a sales thread.

After that I sold few. A while back I did active marketing and received low offers so holding on.

Whenever sale happens ROI beats any traditional investment which attracts me to domaining. I just hope it happens on a consistent basis.

Lately I bought some other new tlds like .club, .online etc.

Latest one I acquired was i.training a nice one letter domain with great potential.
I came to namepros. Read alot of forum threads and learned from others within the forum and the chat. Then I applied that information with a little twist to suit my needs best and continue to learn till this day.
When I first started out I made a bunch of sales off the bat with zero effort. Been doing this on and off ever since. I still spend a lot of time reading, researching, always improving tactics and absorbing info.