Your best argument to justify domaining:

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    Sometime ago I was explaining domaining to someone who initiated a conversation with me at Starbucks. Soon after I provided some details of what domaining entails, he stated that at some point he was on the other side of the domaining equation when he and a friend were trying to get a domain name, but it was too expensive, because someone else "who wasn't using it" owned it.

    I gently explained that owning domain names is similar to owning land. We do not go to someone who is not using a piece of land to tell them that he or she has no right to it. That is not the nature of the capitalist system. There are, of course, many arguments of a philosophical or moral nature that may enter into the discussion, but the de facto situation is that in this economic system, things are what they are, and private ownership is a right every resident or citizen has.

    What would be your argument to justify domaining before those who question it?
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