XYZ releases new .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts domains

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    Previously unavailable domains are now available for anyone to register.

    Starting today, the XYZ Registry is making tens of thousands of valuable domain names available to register as part of the .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts top-level domains (nTLDs) relaunch. The premium and standard domain names release kicks off the registry's rebranding and 60-80% price decrease of the TLDs, acquired by XYZ earlier this year. These changes make relevant domain names more affordable and accessible to an even wider audience than before.

    Savvy customers will find many valuable domain names that were previously reserved, meaning this is the first-ever chance to scoop them up since the original 2014 launch of the TLDs. The release also includes domain names that previously were priced in the $2,500-$10,000 range that are now as low as $19.99. An opportunity to get so many top-tier domain names doesn't come around often – those interested need to act fast.

    XYZ CEO/Founder Daniel Negari explains how the relaunch continues his mission to disrupt the domain space by offering unique, cost-effective TLDs to both burgeoning and established brands/businesses alike, "Many of these domains had never been available before. I want to free small businesses and entrepreneurs from narrow domain name constraints with affordable options they can use to make their dreams a reality. This release and price decrease makes that possible and furthers our mission of promoting competition and choice for all."

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