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Recently, while discussing with my Chinese colleagues, I inadvertently mentioned the practice of resolving domains to sales pages. They told me that some Chinese investors are unwilling to resolve domains to sales pages as they believe it may lead to UDRP disputes. To investigate further, I looked into some publicly available cases on and found that there are indeed related cases where domains resolved to sales pages have been subject to UDRP disputes. However, most of the outcomes were in favor of the respondent due to insufficient arbitration grounds raised by the complainant.

Despite this, it seems to have raised concerns among some investors. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of resolving a domain to a sales page?

In my opinion (solely representing my personal view), resolving a domain to a sales page can provide potential sales opportunities by informing visitors that the domain is available for sale. Regarding UDRP, there are multiple factors involved, and resolving a domain to a sales page may not necessarily be the sole reason for a dispute. Therefore, overall, the benefits and advantages seem to outweigh the potential drawbacks.

In this matter, which option do you tend to prefer?
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Look, No offence intended but you seem to be going down some rather strange roads with your posts. Rather than being just new to domains your coming across as being new to the whole internet.. Domain Parking has been well understood for over 25 years. If I found your questions and observations were from 1998 post I would think yes, it's very relevant. 2024, It's like a Deja-vu moment from my distant past. And I really don't think it is just me.

If you were discussing the changed landscape of parking even sales landers, then ok those discussions. come around quite frequently. just checking but you are familiar with Sedo, Godaddy, Afternic and the dozens of other parking and domain selling sites. Its reading like your new to everything.

Your apparent choice/scope for analysis of UDRP decisions is almost bizarre. I do wish you well but I'm just trying to get a grip on where your coming from in terms of relevance to todays understandings.

Ahh, Your not just testing out a new Chinese AI topic discussion generator. ;) Your APP has clearly too much access to historic data
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As you alluded to in your post, there are a lot of factors to consider. The domain, the strength of the complainant's trademark, whether there are ads on the for sale page, and what the ads are if there are ads. Possibly more.

For example, let's say Apple really goofed and dropped You could probably put a for sale page on it. You could also probably have ads for apples (the fruit). Have an ad for a computer, expect a UDRP. Also, nothing precludes them from trying a UDRP no matter what you do.

I have for sale pages. I've only been threatened with a UDRP once. It was a stupid domain that I planned to drop. I only had it because it was in a lot of domains I bought. It was an all or nothing deal. When contacted, I said they could have it. I could have fought it and probably won. But it wasn't worth my time. They never responded, so I just deleted the domain.

Disclaimer: Not a lawyer, not legal advice.
I just couldn't resolve the idea of a great domain with the nature of the posts. I'm definitely running with we have our first AI bot member. Just lacking in a bit of Intelligence. And Relevance. Mods you've got a whole new area of rule-making to explore.

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I'm definitely running with we have our first AI bot member

Thanks. I've posted quite a bit on this topic here in the not too distant past, and didn't think it was that hard to find.
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