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    Has anyone had luck with the .wiki domain extension? Maybe you have tried to make a wiki yourself?

    It is a fairly expensive domain extension with one clear purpose, what are your views on it?
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    Wiki suggests open source or some other nonrestrictive usage license. In other words, people don't want to pay for "wiki" things. They expect them to be free, and to have the freedom to run, copy and distribute the wiki software as they wish without financially compensating the developers.

    That may sound bizarro to some people, but after I used Linux for many years at no cost, I gave back to the "libre software" community by developing and open sourcing productivity software called Wheatbin(.com). You can download and install Wheatbin right now if you want. It's free in every way.

    With that ethos attached to wiki I wouldn't expect the .wiki domain name extension to attract deep pockets. There may be exceptions, but those exceptions would likely be developed with branded content.

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