question Why do newly registered domains retain less value?

Why do newly registered domains retain less value?

because the assumption is:

since they were newly registered
their value, can't be more than the cost of that registration fee.

now that's in general,
but there can be specific domains that are fresh regs, which can have value... depending on the times and trends, etc

for instance:

I used this example before, but years ago I registered a mobile tv phone name in .com
this was before the iPhone
the name sold for 4 figures

same with crypto and bit names
those who regged the good ones before the shiz-zit hit the fan, had some breezy sales.
now the market is flooded with cryptocrap names for sale

before that, it was ChinesePremium.com, 4,5,6 letter patterns, getting gobbled up from com to org, even biz

gotta know what's next, while knowing what stays the same.
when to get in and when to get off the train



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Why do newly registered domains retain less value?
I think the answer is in the question. Because they are new. They are an indication of "the good one was gone, so I settled for this". This is 2018, unless you are the Einstein of domain names, coming up a valuable hand-registered domain is the same as a scratch-and-win lotto ticket. BTW I assume you are talking about .com. The new G's have a better success rate with a name/value ratio because the TLDs themselves are new(ish), but the sell-through rate is unreliable.

As Dominic mentioned, getting ahead of a trend where keywords can be manipulated for a good fit is a time for good hand-registrations.