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There are many "animal domain names" that are acquired by companies or investors, such as tiger.com, panda.com, snake.com, as well as Chinese companies like Tencent (qq.com) and JD.com, whose corporate images are also associated with animals. In addition, many other companies use animal imagery in their logos. So why do these companies have such a fondness for this type of domain name?

In my opinion:

  1. Characteristics of animal domain names:
    A. Simple and memorable: Often, we only need a glance to quickly remember the name of an animal.
    B. Strong branding potential: Internet companies need to consider brand promotion, and using a widely recognized animal image that is memorable to most people can greatly assist the company, achieving more with less effort and saving on advertising costs.
    C. Animal characteristics: Each animal has different habits and personalities. Different industries and states can find suitable animal associations based on their product characteristics, creating a more fitting image.
  2. Application of animal imagery:
    The internet can be seen as a place where users and traffic are paramount. Having a good name and domain name that is unforgettable and easy to spread can undoubtedly leave an impression in this highly competitive industry. There are many companies on the internet that use animal imagery, and having a market, resources, and end-users aligning with a domain name adds value and application potential.
However, there is one thing to note. Although animal domain names need to possess the aforementioned characteristics and advantages, investing in animal domain names still requires careful consideration. After all, there are so many different animal species in the world, and not all of them are equally favored. It is necessary to associate them with the basic value of the domain name (the definition of a premium domain name) and possess the characteristics of a premium domain name while being a domain with true potential and consistent ownership.

What suggestions and opinions do you have regarding this issue?
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I have noticed a trend of decentralised services associating with animals. (e.g. DuckDuckGo, Firefox, Mastodon) Animals represent respecting all cultures and not pushing for a unified culture.