Why are registrars trying to sell a domain I still have?

Located in Domain Beginners, started by ChrisHarrison, Mar 29, 2016


  1. ChrisHarrison

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    One of my domains is set to expire in a week and a half. I am planning to let it go. Just for fun, I went to GoDaddy and Network Solutions and inquired about buying it. They both informed me it is available for registration and cost $1288.

    Why do both companies quote $1288?

    Why do they quote anything at all if the domain is still registered?

    The domain has a hyphen in it, and if there is anything I have learned at Namepros, et. al., it is that domains with hyphens are worth nothing abuot registration fees. I've had it listed on Sedo for a long time and never got any nibbles.

    I am tempted to go through the buying process for $1288 and then to renew the domain where I have it registered. Just to upset GoDaddy and Network Solutions when they can't deliver.
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    Lol interesting. If I knew the name I'd join you in inquiring. It's almost April in a couple hours here.
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    Sedo and Afternic share listings with others, so you can register a domain and find it is already being offered for sale by third parties accessing an Afternic listing made by the previous registrant.

    Did they actually use the phrase "register" or did they say acquire or similar?

    As it expires the registrar may try to sell it. Want to stop that? Just cancel the domain registration, then it will just skip the redemption phase.
  4. gotasale

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    I have many domains I registered at 2003 then dropped after around 7 years
    when I look at whois now, I see they have new owners
    expiration at 2021
    registeration still at 2003 !!!!!

    Registrars are not angels, but if they find buyer for your domain before it is dropped, then they try to catch it when it drops, I see this a legal behavior IMO

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